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  • Education, Policy, Business, Research and Foundation leaders from across Michigan came together last year to address the state’s school funding system. Many felt the current system wasn’t meeting the needs of Michigan’s students and needed to be studied. They commissioned the two leading research firms in the country to answer the question, “What resources are needed to assure all Michigan students can meet the state learning standards, so they are prepared to be successful”.

    The firms looked at leading educational research and gathered feedback from Michigan Educators to develop their recommendations. Recommendations don’t just address cost, but really outline what resources are needed in Michigan schools (i.e. class size; materials, professional development; technology; support staff, etc…) that will lead to improved student achievement.

    The report suggests that school systems should receive $9,590 for each student, and added funds beyond this for students who are at risk; English language learners; students with disabilities and career technical programs – to assure ALL students can meet the state standards. These funding levels will allow school systems to provide the level of school resources identified through the research (such as added teachers, support staff, teaching materials, etc…).

    The Collaborative wants policy makers and leaders to take the information from this report to change the current school funding system in Michigan. For more information about this report, go to