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Alumni Blog

  • Alex (Aleman) Hanson

    Posted by LINDSY KRAUSER on 2/14/2018

    I graduated OEC in 2012. Crazy that has been 10 years since the opening of OEC. It doesn’t surprise me that a program like this has exceeded exception & is thriving! Since graduation I have earned my B.A in Theology at a Seminary in Indianapolis. I am recently married & will be moving from Michigan to Bloomington,Indiana with my husband to work full time in Ministry. I have loved seeing where my friends from OEC are and what they are accomplishing, but let’s not forget those Town Halls we come from :)

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  • Marshall Marcero

    Posted by Marshall Marcero on 11/27/2017


    I'm an OEC alum, year 2015. Here is my current email address:
    I am currently a Senior majoring in Psychology at Kalamazoo College and am applying to Wayne State University and University College London. 
    Please feel free to include me on any initiatives to connect current students to alum.
    Let me know what else I can provide to help,
    Marshall Marcero
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  • Nicholas Newman

    Posted by Nicholas Newman on 11/27/2017

    My name is Nicholas Newman. I graduated from OEC in 2012. I'm currently working for the West Bloomfield School District as a substitute special-ed para, and afternoon Kids Klub instructor.

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  • Blaine Irving

    Posted by Blaine Irving on 10/29/2017

    Blaine Irving graduated from Oakland Early College in May of 2012.
    Immediately following graduation Blaine Irving returned to his home country of South Africa for an extended trip of soul searching and healing. This was his first time returning to the country after immigrating to American in 2005. Shortly after arriving in the country Blaine was offered a position at The Wedding Warehouse, the largest wedding planning company in Southern Africa as an events coordinator. The gift seemed to take off almost immediately and over the course of the next 5 months Blaine took part and helped coordinate and organize between 150-170
    wedding including printing over 5,000 wedding invites.
    By October, 2012 Blaine decided that it was time to return to the USA and arrived back in New York just a few days shy of Hurricane Sandy. 
    In October 2017 Blaine got married Haydee. The husband and wife duo now run Worship Radio Detroit together from their World Headquarters in downtown Detroit.
    Blaine is currently working on a documentary to share his story.

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  • Alyssa Ford

    Posted by Alyssa Ford on 10/29/2017

    Hey there! My name is Alyssa Ford and I graduated from Oakland Early College and from Oakland Community College with a Liberal Arts degree in 2014. Now,  I am attending Oakland University and working as a Behavioral Therapist at The Healing Haven in Madison Heights. Some of the worst and best years of my life all occurred while I was a student at Oakland Early College. I gained friends, family, and a whole lot of knowledge, not only about myself but the world around me. I cherish my experiences there to this day and wouldn’t have changed a thing!

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  • Mitchell Krieger

    Posted by Mitchell Krieger on 10/29/2017
    I left my teaching job this past June to pursue new adventures and opportunities. I am currently working and living in New York City as a consultant for an education start-up, in addition to working as a private tutor and on theater productions in scenic design and props. 
    Hope all is well at OEC! Can't believe its been10 years since we started! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.
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  • Alice Buczkowski

    Posted by Alice Buczkowski on 10/28/2017
    I am currently majoring in public health at Wayne State University and pursuing a minor in Polish language. I am a member of Students for a Democratic Society and we are currently campaigning for gender neutral bathrooms in all buildings on campus. I am also a member of Libertarian Socialist Alliance, an anti-authoritarian socialist group, and we are advocating to keep the university pharmacy open.
    That's it! Hope the school year is going well :)
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  • Alora Adams

    Posted by Alora Adams on 10/28/2017


    I am Alora Adams, class of 2012. 

    Currently I am in my 3rd semester of Grad School at EMU in the Historic Preservation program studying to be a museum curator. I am planning on graduating next December and then heading down to Southeastern Oklahoma to start as the Assistant Curator at the Choctaw Nation Museum. I also own my own embroidery and custom t-shirt business, Uniquely Geek, and work at Starbucks to get through school!

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  • Victoria Nichols

    Posted by Victoria Nichols on 10/28/2017

    My name is Victoria Nichols and I graduated in 2015.
    I am a full-time student with two semesters left at Eastern Michigan University studying Supply Chain Management and Marketing!
    I’m a full-time food and beverage manager at the Polo Fields Country Club in Ann Arbor.

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  • Maggie Lane-Moore

    Posted by Maggie Lane-Moore on 10/27/2017
    As for an update, I'm currently living in Chicago with my boyfriend, Alex. I moved here just about two years ago now. I recently started working as a Senior Recruiting Associate at Arabella Advisors, a certified B Corporation that works to help philanthropists and investors who are serious about impact and achieving the greatest good with their resources. Prior to my time as a recruiter, I was working on Arabella's client-facing team, Managed Organizations, as a Human Resources Assistant. In that role I provided coordination and administration of vital human resources functions and responsibilities for Arabella's nonprofit affiliates, primarily the New Venture Fund. When I'm not working, I'm usually exploring the beautiful city of Chicago with my boyfriend.
    The photo I've included is from our recent road trip across the country. This particular photo was taken at Sawmill Canyon Cabin in Montana with our Friends Cait and Jim. (From left Me, Alex, Cait, and Jim). We drove a total of about 5,000 miles and visited several national parks, including Glacier, the Grand Tetons, and the Badlands.
    I look forward to hearing updates from my fellow OEC alum and hope all is well with the staff and current students!

    All the best,


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