• Directions for Chromebook Repair

    1. Go to our school’s website (select OLMS or Abbott under Schools from wbsd.org)

    2. Under QuickLinks on the homepage, click on Chromebook Repair Form/Procedures.

    3. Fill out all of the asked for information in the form
      DO NOT use your student email/phone #

    4. Click Submit.

    5. Print Confirmation Page 

    6. Bring Confirmation Page and Chromebook to your school’s iCenter.
      Pick up from InaComp is every Thursday.

    7. For the first repair, InaComp will use your $25 deposit to fix your chromebook.

    8. For future repairs after the first one:
      InaComp will contact you for a $25.00 Diagnostic fee. If needed, they will bill you for cost of complete repair.

    9. Your Chromebook will be sent back to your school’s iCenter for pick up. You will be notified when it arrives.


    Lost Chromebook Chargers

    If a student loses their chromebook charger, the school can not replace it for them.
    They have 2 choices on how to get another charger:

    1. They can submit a repair ticket through Inacomp online by clicking on Chromebook Repair under Quicklinks on school homepage. If it is their first repair ticket, their $25 deposit will cover the cost. If they have already used their $25 deposit for a repair ticket, then Inacomp will charge them the replacement cost.
      Dell chargers -  $28.35
      Asus chargers - $43.13

    2. Order one from Amazon
      Links below are for the exact charger needed from Amazon

           Dell Charger from Amazon   AC Charger Adapter for Dell Latitude Chromebook 3180 Notebook Laptop with DC Power Supply Cord

         Asus charger from Amazon  Portable 19V 1.75A 33W AC Charger for Asus Chromebook C202 C202S C202SA C202SA-YS02 C202SA-YS01 
                                                  Power Supply Adapter

    District Chromebooks (Asus or Dell)chromebook network symbol

    Printing at school can only take place on the desktops. There are printing directions in the iCenter.
    Here are directions for how you can print from your chromebook at home.

    Students will want to be on the Secure network. Click on the network symbol at bottom. 
    Then select WBSD Secure. 
    If a pop-up screen appears, student may need to enter password in the Password box

    ● Find your gmail and password in your PowerSchool account (memorize it!)
    ● Bring your chromebook fully charged each day to school 
    ● Keep it with you or locked up at all times 
    ● May want to order a protective sleeve (can order from Amazon) 
    ● Charge chromebook every night and leave charger at home so you do not lose it 
    ● Do use it for school assignments 
    ● If you find a chromebook, give it directly to the nearest staff adult

    ● Do not pick it up by the screen, carry it flat 
    ● Do not put any heavy books or items on top 
    ● Do not peel off name or barcode stickers 
    ● Do not open/use anyone else’s chromebook 
    ● Do not lend your chromebook to anyone else 
    ● Do not use it for inappropriate activities (the tech department can see everything you do) 
    ● Do not eat or drink while using the chromebook