Contact team captains and parents with any questions: wblakersailing@gmail.com


    We are sailors who started a competitive varsity sailing team in the fall of 2015.  There are more than 82 high school teams in Michigan and we are currently ranked 13th. This program develops a competitive high school team through instruction in racing techniques and varsity/junior varsity interscholastic competitions with other high schools.  We are recruiting new sailors to join our team to compete in fall and spring seasons.  We welcome and encourage 7th and 8th graders who can practice and compete at Tier 3 events.  We want to bring a fun racing experience to our high school and middle schools.  Join us and travel around the state, learn how to race, and compete against other high schools.


    High School Sailing Outline

    • No experience necessary, just a willingness to learn new skills

    • Varsity vs. Junior Varsity

    • JV team is for new sailors with little to no experience.

    • Varsity team is chosen by the coach. Varsity letter award must be earned and is given at the discretion of the coach.  Criteria for this status must be met in all the areas below:

      • Attendance

      • Work ethic

      • Skill and improvement, must be able to Skipper and Crew at a proficient level

      • Regatta entry

      • Must have a good understanding of the rules and knowledge of Sailing

      • Attitude and behavior

    • Year round sport: fall (individual racing) / spring (team racing).

    • Regattas/racing - all day events scheduled to run over weekends in various yacht clubs around the state .

    • Student needs to have achieved a GPA of a 1.7 for the last grading period while passing 5 out of 7 classes.

    • Need strength, strategy and sense of working together to compete and win!

    How High School Sailing Works

    • Practices weekly (drills on the water, learning boat handling, race rules, running races)

    • Two sailors sail in a boat at a time




    • Practices 3 times a week 3:45 to 6:30/7:00.  MondayTuesday and Thursday.