• Mrs. Donnay and Breakout EDU

    Posted by CHRISTINA SIPILA on 12/2/2016 9:00:00 AM

    On Novemeber 10, Mrs Donnay's class participated in our second breakout edu!  This one focused on our map skills that we are currently studying in social studies.  We improved on our time and teamwork in this second challenge!

    breakout  edu

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  • Mrs. Starr's 4th Graders and Lawrence Tech

    Posted by CHRISTINA SIPILA on 11/30/2016 9:00:00 AM

    Ms. Kristin, our fourth grade STEAM partner from Lawerence Technological University, is teaching Roosevelt's fourth grade classes concepts in architecture such as strong shapes and structures. Here the architects are collaborating on creating bridges that will withstand the weight of a tennis ball. The contraints are that the weight remain for 20 seconds on the structure withought the bridge collapsing. The results?  A success!



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  • Michigan Design Prize

    Posted by CHRISTINA SIPILA on 11/14/2016

    Michigan Design Prize

    Out of hundreds of applicants for the Michigan Design Council's Design Prize Competition, Roosevelt STEAM Campus had six second grade finalists, and one grand prize winner in the K-5 category. The finalists were honored on Friday, October 28 at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum in East Lansing. Mentors from Michigan's industrial design community, such as Whirlpool, Herman Miller, Sundberg Ferar, and Plastipak were also in attendance to support our students. A special message from Governor Rick Snyder was also part of the ceremony.

    The finalists from Roosevelt were:

    Mrs. O'Brien's Class: Vladimir Stojanovski-Algae Sucker 11

    Mrs. Cuda's Class: Hudson Dunn, Mahd Abbas, Davis Hurley, and Haven William-Trashy Drone

    Mrs. Knighton's Class: Alana Dallo-The The Trash Trapper;  Jordan Dyment (grand prize)- JB Freshwater

    A huge THANK YOU to Sundberg Ferar, Herman Miller, PlastiPak, and Whirlpool for inspiring and mentoring the next generation of industrial designers!

    The next Design Prize Competition challenge will be revealed soon, and like this one, it will be open to all Michigan residents.




    The Michigan Design Council's Design Prize Competition Finalist

    From Mrs. Cuda's Class: Davis Hurley, Mahd Abbas, Hudson Dunn, Haven William, and designer Joe Parr from Herman Miller.

    They designed a "Trashy Done and Remote" that allows people to safely enjoy the the benefits of Michigan's diverse water resources.





    The Michigan Design Council's Design Prize Competition Finalist

    From Mrs. Knighton's Class, Alana Dallo


    She designed a "The Trash Trapper" that allows people to safely enjoy the the benefits of Michigan's diverse water resources.



    The Michigan Design Council's Design Prize Grand Prize Winner

    From Mrs. Knighton's Class, Jordan Dyment.


    She designed a "JB Fresh Filter" that allows people to safely enjoy the the benefits of Michigan's diverse water resources.



    The Michigan Design Council's Design Prize Competition Finalist

    From Mrs. O'Brien's Class, Vladimir Stojanovski.


    He designed an "Algae Sucker 11" that allows people to safely enjoy the the benefits of Michigan's diverse water resources.

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  • Mrs. Larson's Not A Box

    Posted by CHRISTINA SIPILA on 11/11/2016

    Not A Box     Not A Box  

    The students in Mrs. Larson's class discussed the book, Not A Box and talked about all the different things a box could become! After their discussion they got right to work. They created some amazing items.  Here are a few pictures of them working hard!!



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  • Design Center student article

    Posted by DENNIS RAPAL on 5/22/2016

    What IS the Design Center?

    By: Cathy Shan

    Student at Roosevelt Elementary School

    Ever since Roosevelt Elementary became a S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) school, the school’s iCenter (or library) turned into the Design Center. The Design Center developed because the school’s librarian, Mrs. Stephanie Dulmage, wanted the iCenter to not only be a library, but for it to also incorporate all the areas of S.T.E.A.M. Some of the new sections of the Design Center are: Tool Shed, Resource Station and the Thinking Wall. The Design Center is a great place that helps people think creative and amazing things!

    The Tool Shed is a place where you build, make miniature prototypes and have fun with multiple types of tools! The Tool Shed was created because students needed to have an interactive space where students can experiment and build with their ideas using the tools provided. The students that created the Tool Shed were Yael Mizrahi, Chi Chi Okezie and Grace Redner from Mrs. Law’s class.

    The Research Station is a place where students can study and do research in this designated area. The Research Station was created so students could research project items easily on books or technology (computers or tablets). The Research Station is being created by Jood Khattab, Pearse McCallion, Zack Klepeski, and Ryan Krauthamer from Mrs. Law’s class.

    The Thinking Wall is a place where students can brainstorm about group questions from their teacher to show their thinking and ideas. The Thinking Wall was created because students needed a place for brainstorming and creating good ideas. Malini Kamath says, “We never had a place to write our good ideas on, so we would forget them, or we would have to cramp them into the back of our minds. But now, we have a place to put up all of those thoughts.”. The students that are creating the Thinking Wall are Connor Joyce, Om Karki, Joe Jakubiak and Malini Kamath from Mrs. Law’s class.

    The construction of the Design Center has been going on for 8 months already, and we haven’t finished yet! But on May 4, 2016, we had a Grand Opening for the Tool Shed, one of the areas in the Design Center. Although I only named 3 sections, the Design Center has 6 sections! When the Design Center is finally finished, future students at Roosevelt Elementary will have an amazing S.T.E.A.M incorporated area, where they can let their imaginations flow and their ideas grow wild.

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  • Roosevelt at LEGOLAND!

    Posted by DENNIS RAPAL on 3/24/2016

    Click here to read about Roosevelt's students being invited to Lego Land before the public grand opening!


    Roosevelt FLL Teams 2016

    Photo Album of the LEGOLAND visit

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  • 5th grade STEAM activity

    Posted by DENNIS RAPAL on 3/6/2016

    Bad Weather Hits Roosevelt

    by Mrs. Roth and Mrs. Donnay's 5th grade students

     water pollution project

    Hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, volcanoes and droughts all hit Roosevelt in December! The students of Mrs. Donnay’s and Mrs. Roth’s classes all did presentations with limited materials. Some did Google slideshows and others did a “junk challenge” where they had limited recycled materials. Some of the common materials were cardboard, styrofoam and duct tape.

    One student made a baking soda and vinegar volcano. Another did a blizzard interpretation using feathers. A hurricane project built a city out of styrofoam. We all had our own thing, but came together to make two class room full of  dangerous weather!

    We went to different classes and interviewed a couple students on their thoughts about the science fair.  Aaron from Mrs. Arnoldi’s class said, “I saw tornados, and hurricanes, and tsunamis. I learned that tornados go around and generate air.” Lyanette from Mr. Mallisow’s class said,”I learned that it’s not so good to go next to a tornado, and that you should stay in your basement.” Peyton from Mrs. Sipila’s class was very happy that there was so much to learn. Julius from Mrs. Roth’s class said, “I think it was cool because I like science, it's my favorite thing to do in school. I think it’s fun to share.” Josh from Mrs. Donnays class said that he enjoyed working with a partner and watching Mrs. Donnay’s and Mrs. Roth’s fifth-grade students all had a amazing time working on these projects. We hope that the other students liked our projects. There was at least one thing for everyone in the fair, from volcanoes to hurricanes and even tornadoes. This is Roosevelt weather news, signing off!

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  • Visual advertising in First Grade

    Posted by DENNIS RAPAL on 1/24/2016

    STEAM highlight:

    First grade explored how the visual advertising on packaging relates to the need for visual presentation of their STEAM projects. The students then wrote comments about what attracts them to the products.

    Arts in STEAM

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  • First grade community garden

    Posted by DENNIS RAPAL on 12/14/2015

    First grade garden bed

    Click on the above link to learn more about the Community Garden our 1st grade has started!


    garden 1


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  • Students Opinion on Steam Challenge

    Posted by Stephanie Dulmage on 12/2/2015

    Students Opinion on Steam Challenge


    Moniyah Drammeh and Lorenzo Williams

    Mrs. Roth’s Fifth Grade class participated in our second “STEAM Junk Challenge” before Thanksgiving Break!  Students were asked to create a portrait, a symbol or an image out of junk to represent one of the characters from Wonder.  Students were given five minutes to shop on the balcony, and then 1 hour to work on their creations.  In addition to the visual representation, each  project had to have a certain number of words to describe what was represented. Here is what a few students had to say!

    Brooklynn: It was really fun and creative. We had a lot of fun, working with our partners. I love the junk challenge!

    Jayden: I like it because you take stuff that won’t be used and you create something else.

    Matthew: I liked how we were all creative and how we all did different people and design.

    Amareya: I like it because it was challenging and it made you think harder than usually!

    Ben: It was fun That you used junk because junk is something people don’t normally use.There is a saying that one man's trash is another man’s treasure!

    Izzy: That you couldn’t get in trouble for using junk.

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