Dear Parent of a Pine Tree Reader,


    Over thirty-five years ago, we inaugurated a very successful District-wide Pine Tree reading incentive program. The purpose of Pine Tree is to encourage students in grades 3-5 to read recent or classic literature from a variety of genres.  The attached list of book titles comprise this year’s Pine Tree Reading selections.


    The Pine Tree Reading Incentive program is not designed to provide “just right books” for individual students. Research confirms that reading aloud to children is just as valuable as having students read silently and independently.  For that reason these books may be read to, with, or by your child.  Students are encouraged to read the books listed at or below their grade level, however if any of the selected books are too difficult for your child to read independently we would recommend the following:


    • Read the book aloud to your child.
    • Enlist a willing volunteer to read to or with your child (grandparent, sibling, babysitter, tutor, etc.)
    • Ask your iCenter Specialist or WBTPL librarian if the book is available in an audio version.

    Students are invited to check out the Pine Tree books from the West Bloomfield Township Public Library, the school iCenter, or the classroom library.


    In conjunction with the West Bloomfield Township Public Library, one unique feature of the Pine Tree program is the opportunity for students to meet an author. In March, every child will meet the featured Pine Tree author at a school assembly.  Afterwards, the author will sign personal copies for students.  Additionally, each classroom teacher will be provided two invitations for the Pine Tree Author Reception held at the WBTPL in late March.  The reception invitation is for the specified student and one parent/guardian only.  Due to limited space, siblings may not attend.


    During the Pine Tree period each classroom teacher will read aloud the featured author’s book.  At the completion of the Pine Tree program, classroom teachers will raffle two Pine Tree reception tickets.  Each student will have his or her name entered once in the raffle.  This gives all children the same opportunity and, because all of the students listened to the story, each child will have an understanding of the book the author will discuss at the reception.   The teacher will draw two names and these two students will be awarded the reception invitations.  In the event one of the students can not attend, the teacher will pull a new name from the raffle box.


    It is our goal to make this program successful and enjoyable for all students. Thank you for supporting the long standing tradition of Pine Tree  and for encouraging your child in this valuable program.



    WBSD Information and Technology Specialists

    West Bloomfield Township Public Library Librarians