Dear Parents,

    Pine Cone is a District-wide reading incentive program, in partnership with the West Bloomfield Township Public Library, for students in first and  second grades. This program features a list of books selected by district librarians that includes picture books, non-fiction books, and early chapter books, featuring a large variety of genres, cultures, and interests.

    Today your child attended the Pine Cone Kick-Off Assembly led by his or her school librarian.  In iCenter classes this week, students will learn the titles of the 36 books on this year's list.  Students will also be told of the incentives for reaching each of the three levels of success:

    • Level 1 (5 books): A prize from the prize box
    • Level 2 (10 books): A restaurant coupon
    • Level 3 (15 books): A bookmark
    • Level 4 (20 books): A su“prize”
    • Level 5 (30 books): A free book at the next Book Fair (up to $5)

    This program will run from November 30th  through March 1, 2019. Students are encouraged to read as many of the books on the list as they can.  Due to varying reading abilities, the books may be read to, with, or by your child. After each book is read, your child will complete a Reading Response sheet.  Each sheet is then signed by a parent and returned to his or her teacher for credit. When your child receives credit for completing the form, he or she can check it off on their Pine Cone bookmark.

    It is the recommendation of the district librarians that parents and teachers work with students to find books that will peak their interest.  The main goal of this program is to encourage a love of reading. The books are available for checkout from the West Bloomfield Township Public Library, the schools’ iCenters, and the classrooms.

    As a special culminating event, all students will be invited to an assembly in March to meet one of the Pine Cone authors.


    WBSD Information and Technology Specialists

    West Bloomfield Township Public Library Librarians