September  2017

    What’s Happening in Roosevelt’s Design Center:

    We are so excited to be starting the new school year at the Design Center!  Mrs. Roth and Mrs. Trott will be your Design Center team this year!   Roosevelt students will have Design Center as their special once a week, as well as one Friday a month.

    This month, students will be engaging in their first STEAM Challenges of the year, (Freestanding Towers! 21 Elephants) learning or adding to their coding knowledge with Legos, and learning procedures used in our Design Center. We will also be discussing and practicing good book care rules. It has (already) been a busy few weeks!  

    Book checkout will begin in early October. All Kindergartners and 1st graders will be able to check out 1 book, 2nd graders 2 books, and 3-5th graders three books at a time, and should plan on returning that book the following week on their Design Center day. Students will only be able to checkout new books if they return their Design Center book.   Overdue notices will go home the first week in October for books that were not returned from last year!

    We are so excited to be part of Toyology Toy’s kickback program!  Many of the amazing toys and robots you will see and hear about have been purchased through the amazing Toyology Staff!

    Please make sure to go to Toyology & mention Roosevelt when buying your toys!  Shop Local and Support this awesome business that supports us!

    Save the dates for our fall book fair:    November 10-17th

    (The Book Fair will be open during Parent Teacher conferences)


    Please Join the Design Center Team! We would LOVE to have you join us for an hour or a few in the Design Center.  You can work with students, help us with book checkout, Book Fairs, or stop by for a cup of coffee!  We would love to have the Design Center open for open book checkout more frequently, but we can’t do it without you!  Please call (248) 865-6620 or email Mrs. Roth to sign up!

    Supplies for Learning & Makerspace/Innovation Stations:  If you can donate any of these items, send them to your child(ren)’s school labeled “Design Center Supplies”. Thank you.

    Supply List for Create, Make & Take:
    foam sheets, felt, flat cardboard pieces, cardstock
    pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks (new), straws

    fun stickers, decorative tape and duct tape

    glue dots and double sided tape

    paper tubes, tin foil, yarn, lanyards

    items from the ScrapBox in Ann Arbor

    origami paper

    Other Donation Ideas:

    regular Lego pieces and Lego Junior sets

    Lego bases


    Gear sets

    Marble Run kits


    Magna-tiles  and Magformers

    Birthday Books: Kids love celebrating their birthdays and the Design Center loves getting new books for kids to read. “Birthday Books” is a win-win activity for our school and for your child. During the month of your child’s birthday (or celebration date of your choice), he or she will be able to pick out a brand new book to donate to the school. We will put a donation sticker inside of the chosen book and that book will become part of our library collection for all students to enjoy. Your child will be the first student allowed to checkout the chosen Birthday Book. If you would like to participate in this program, simply fill out the form below and send it to the Design Center with $10 in an envelope marked “Birthday Book for the Design Center”. We will take cash or checks made out to  Roosevelt School. Use this slip or go to the Design Center tab and look under “Welcome to the Design Center” section.

    Return this portion with $10 to the Design Center                (Please print neatly)

    Child’s Name: _________________________ Teacher’s Name: ________________________

    Child’s birthdate or date selected to celebrate child’s birthday: _________________________

    $10 cash or check made out to Roosevelt School is enclosed.

    Media Literacy Tips

    Students need to have voice and choice in their selection of books to read for pleasure. Over the years, we have observed that when students explore books that they truly want to read, their reading skills improve and their enjoyment increases. Our Design Center has a wide selection of both fiction and nonfiction books at various levels. Design Center staff can offer students direction and assistance, but the final selection is ultimately their choice. Parents are a big influence on what children read and how often they read. Please discuss with your child(ren) any reading expectations you have and of course model a variety of reading at home. We would also appreciate encouraging your child(ren) to follow good book care rules.

    Family reading time can be a great way to promote positive reading habits.

    Information Literacy Tips

    Stay informed about what is happening at your child’s school and in the Roosevelt Design Center by bookmarking the websites as a favorite on your internet browser.

    Construction, Safety, Site ...(Currently Under Construction...thank you for your patience!)

    Not only will you find important dates on the calendar page, but each school’s  home page contains a wealth of information. Parent Newsletters will be placed under the Parent tab and the Design Center Newsletters will be located in the “Welcome to the Design Center” section under the Design Center tab.

    There are also many useful links for both parents and students under the Design Center tab.

    Your child(ren) will be more successful in school, if you take an active interest in what is happening at their school.

    Digital Literacy Tips

    Do you sometimes feel that technology controls us rather than we control technology?

    Common Sense Media is a website to help families take control of and make sense of  the technology around them.


    Here is one of the many topics they address and provide helpful advice to parents:

    “Setting screen-time limits -- and helping kids moderate their own habits -- are all about finding the right balance for your family's needs and lifestyle. We offer advice for creating a realistic schedule, setting age-appropriate guidelines on TV time, finding the first websites for young kids to use, handling violent media, and managing kids' cell phone use.”

    You do not have to navigate parenting in our digital world alone. Check out this amazing website.