• January Junk Wars

    It’s time to refill our Makerspace

    With things you can find around your place!

    Save up your supplies and bring them to school

    During the month of January...it will be so cool!

    Try and collect what your grade is assigned,

    But feel free to bring in other items you find!

    Over the break, save the wrapping and boxes from your gifts and new toys,

    We will reuse them in STEAM Challenges and projects...Oh Boy!

    The winning grade will get a popsicle treat,

    So bring in your junk….Mission complete!


    Please Bring Directly to the ICENTER!


    Recycled Items

    New or Gently Used Items


    Twist Ties

    Straws *not gently used please


    Bottle Caps

    Aluminum foil

    *not gently used please


    Cardboard Paper rolls (toilet paper, paper towel, wrapping paper)

    Tape (Duct, masking, double sided, scotch, etc.)


    Plastic containers (cleaned out yogurt, cottage cheese)

    Pipe Cleaners

    Play Do


    Cardboard/Cardboard boxes

    Building Blocks


    Pop can tabs

    Tinker Toys

    (ex: Legos, Kinex)