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    Thinking, Making and Improving are important activities that allow our students to imagine, create and innovate. During the year, students will be able to make and create at a variety of  Makerspace stations. At some  stations, students will be able to design and create and take. For these types of  Makerspace stations, we need consumable supplies (see list below). At other  stations, students will design and create and then take apart. We could also use more of these items as well and would appreciate any donations (see list below)Any time during the school year if you have any supplies that you can donate, please send them to the Doherty iCenter labeled "iCenter Supplies". 
    Supply List for Makerspace stations:
    foam sheets, felt, flat cardboard pieces, card stock
    pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks (new), straws
    fun stickers, decorative tape and duct tape
    paper tubes, tin foil, yarn, lanyards
    origami paper 
    Donate used if your kids no longer use these items at home or donate new:
    regular Lego pieces and Lego Junior
    Lego bases
    Gear sets
    Marble Run kits