• Apply Now! 


    Applications for Oakland Early College are accepted year round. If you are interested in attending during the current school year, you must contact the school directly.  If you are interested in applying please following these steps:


    1.)  Online Application: Complete the online application.

    2.)  Family Meeting: Call (248) 522-3541 to schedule a family meeting. (This can be done at any time of the year.) 

    3.)  Shadowing: Come spend the day with us by arranging a shadowing experience with one of our students. (This can also be at any time of the year.) Find out more by clicking here.

    4.)  Interview: After shadowing, students will be contacted to set up an interview.  Interviews are usually conducted in the spring.  Interviews are for the student only.  Download the formal application.  The completed formal appliction is due at the student interview.  Be sure to obtain all of the appropriate documentation.