• Here are Sheiko's 3 Continuous School Improvement Goals:
    Goal 1:  All students will demonstrate a proficiency in Mathematics. 
    Measurable Objective: 75% of all students will demonstrate a proficiency in Mathematics as measured by the MEAP test by 6/11/2015.
    Strategy 1: Math Fact Fluency 
    Our MEAP data shows that our students need to improve their math fact fluency. We would like our students to improve their efficiency, accuracy,
    operational understanding, number composition, and numeracy with regards to basic math facts.
    Activity: Multiple Representation
    Students will use multiple representations, (dot cards, ten frames, etc.) including number talks to support and express their understanding of numbers and operations.
    Strategy 2: Math Reasoning 
    Students will show growth in solving contextualized, multi-step, and non-routine problems through district common assessments and state standardized tests
    Activity - Discourse Strategies
    Students will use multiple discourse strategies to explain and provide evidence of their thinking when solving problems.
    Goal 2: All students will demonstrate proficiency in writing.
    Measurable Objective : 80% of all students will demonstrate a proficiency as measured by internal assessments and the Common Core Writng Rubric. in Writing by 06/11/2015 as measured by an Internal Assessment and the Common Core Writing Rubric .
    Strategy 1: Grammar And usage 
    Students will engage in a daily, systematic approach to grammar instruction. Teachers will implement Carson-Dellosa's, "Daily Oral Language,"
    Exercises to improve student grammar and editing skills. Students will take part in daily oral language activities to improve writing skills. Teachers will use data from student writing samples to monitor student growth. The Common Core writing rubric will be used to score and measure growth. Students will increase their writing score by one or more points in the area of Conventions on the Common core writing rubric. This data will help teachers make informed decisions and provide instruction based on students' individual needs.
    Activity: Daily Grammar 
    Students will participate in Daily Oral Language exercises.They will discuss, review and correct punctuation, capitalization, grammar usage, editing and vocabulary skills in writing.
    Activity: Goal Setting
    Students will learn how to create goals for their written work and keep track of their own progress through graphing in their data binders.
    Goal 3: All students will demonstrate proficiency in reading.
    Measurable Objective 1: 80% of All Students will demonstrate a proficiency in English Language Arts as measured by Fountas and Pinnell assessmentsby 06/11/2015.
    Strategy 1: Comprehension
     Based on Fountas and Pinnell assessments and state standardized tests, we have found a need to improve our students' comprehension skills.
    Activity - CAFE/Fountas and Pinnell Comprehension Activities
    Teachers will utilize CAFE/Fountas and Pinnell comprehension strategies during the mini-lesson in reader's workshop.
    Activity: Goal Setting
    Students will learn how to create widely important reading goals and keep track of their own progress through graphing in their data binders.
    Strategy 2: Word Recognition and Study 
    Students will use phonics and word study skills to help them decode, and use context clues when they encounter unfamiliar words.
    Activity: Sitton Spelling
    Teachers will plan lessons using the skills and concepts from 
    each unit of the Sitton Spelling Program with Fidelity.
    Activity - Fountas & Pinnell Continuum and Assessment Guide
    Teachers will be introduced to the Fountas and Pinnell Continuum of Literacy Learning, including the assessment guide. Through professional development, teachers will explore the phonics, spelling, and word study strategies to implement in their reading instruction.