• Summer Math Review Packets for Grade 6-8

    If students continue to flex their mental math muscles over the summer, it will have a positive
    impact on how much math material they retain. Studies support the painful truth that
    students lose about two months of math ability over the summer months.
    In order to support your students, a team of middle school math teachers prepared Summer
    Math Review Packets. There is a packet that reviews 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Math and
    8thGrade Math
    . Each packet provides a set of review problems on a select number of math
    concepts and an answer key to check for understanding. There are 10 weeks of summer, so
    plan on 10-15 minutes of work per week for your student.
    These packets can be found on both the Abbott Middle School and Orchard Lake Middle
    School websites under Departments -- Mathematics. For parent support, you can go to
    www.cpm.org. This is the website for College Preparatory Mathematics, our middle school
    math instructional materials. Once at the website, select “Parent Guides,” select “Core
    Connections, Courses 1-3,” and then select the course number. Course 3 is 8th grade. Course 2
    is 7th grade. Course 1 is 6th grade.
    These packets are not required but are strongly recommended to support your students as
    they transition into the next grade level. Thank you for supporting your student this summer.
    We look forward to seeing you next year.
    Amy Hughes, Principal
    Abbott Middle School Math Teachers
    Morrison Borders, Principal
    Orchard Lake Middle School Math Teachers