• Greater West Bloomfield Community Coalition  

    Who We Are
    The Greater West Bloomfield
    Community Coalition 

    Our mission is to build community partnerships to reduce high-risk behaviors including alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, to help ensure that our youth may grow to their greatest potential.

    Why We Exist
    Because prevention is a community wide responsibility, we believe local organizations, businesses, agencies, concerned citizens, policy makers, educators, students and parents have an important role to play in this effort. As a community coalition we are committed to providing leadership, education, resources, and programming for our young people and those who support them.

    Our goals are:
    • Connect through common goals
    • Offer opportunities through involvement
    • Work together through collaboration
    • Reduce substance use in teens through deliberate preventative strategies

    Research shows that the #1 reason kids don’t use alcohol and other drugs is that they don’t want to disappoint their parents.

    What We Do
    • Parent education programs
    • Kids in Charge - elementary school substance abuse education program
    • Educational programs at middle schools and high schools
    • Survey students and parents to better understand the use of alcohol and other drugs by our youth
    • Plan and coordinate prevention activities
    • Community involvement & organizing
    • Build partnerships with other key community stakeholders and organizations
    • Collaborate with ACHC (Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities)and its 14 Oakland County coalitions

    What You Can Do
    • Talk to your children about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs
    • Attend our meetings and our forums
    • Volunteer at youth and teen functions
    • Support local law enforcement efforts
    • Report underage drinking or sales to minors

    Get Involved & Stay Informed
    • Learn the latest trends in alcohol and other drugs
    • Find out what’s going on in West Bloomfield
    • Opportunities to connect with other parents

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    Greater West Bloomfield
    Community Coalition

    P.O. Box 250072
    West Bloomfield, MI