Mr. Malisow - 5th Grade

  • Malisow Mission Statement:
    My philosophy toward education has always maintained the strong belief that every child has the ability to learn, adapt, develop, achieve and succeed. Every child has their own unique learning style or ability, and their styles must be developed in a nurturing and inspirational way. Through creating a safe, motivating, and caring community, each student will strengthen their skills academically and personally.
    Are you ready for the most exciting year of your learning yet? Prepare yourself for what will be a wonderful experience. As third and fourth graders, you have so many wonderful things to look forward to, including becoming the ultimate role models that everyone will look up to. Just know that we are going to work real hard to make sure that everyone achieves at a high level of success.
    My name is Eric Malisow, and am now into year 16 with the West Bloomfield School District. I have taught Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth grades. Although this is my first year with a combination third/fourth grade, I feel all of my experience with the other grades has prepared me well. It is my distinguished honor and pleasure to welcome you into our community. Understand that I have extremely high expectations for all of you, as I know that each one of you is capable of un-measurable success. I will provide you with a comfortable learning environment that will develop your academic skills, problem solving abilities, raise your personal responsibility level, and build your self-confidence. The most important thing to remember is this: Whether I find success or make mistakes, I will not quit. I will always and consistently put forth my strongest efforts toward everything I do. Again, I will never give up, give in, or quit.
    Along with academic areas, we focus strongly in the areas of character development. We will work hard to instill the three D’s into each of you: Desire; Dedication; and Determination. Understand now that you are part of a large community, individuals among a group. We will support each other, help each other, and lift each other in every way. There is no room for insults or rude behavior toward your peers. We will work as a team, leaning on each other for support and praise. 
    This truly can be the best year that you have ever had, but we all need to work together to make this happen. Every team is at their best when communication, motivation, the three D’s, strong characters, and effort are apparent. I guarantee that I will give you my all and help you in every way that I can. Will you match me in return?
    Eastern Michigan University: Graduated 1999
    Elementary Education program: Bachelor’s in Science
    Minors: Children’s Literature; History; Drama/Theatre for young
    Walden University: Graduated 2005: Masters in Science
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