Personal Best in School Program: Get the App and Track Your Child's Points

Our Personal Best in School program aims to recognize students for their positive behavior at high levels. We focus on three school wide expectations: Respect, Responsibility, and Safety. Students can earn points from any staff member in the building when they are living out these expectations.

In their regular classrooms, students can earn, at minimum, 9 points a day. In their specials classrooms, students can earn, at minimum, 3 points a day. If you are checking your PBIS Parent App on your smart phone and notice that your child earned 12 points in a day, that means the had a great day. If you notice that your child earned more than 12 points in a day, that means they had a spectacular day.

As we begin the third marking period, we are, once again, getting the kids excited about our third marking period PBIS party. Students that earn 361 points or more between January 31st and April 13th will be eligible to attend this amazing party!

Besides your smart phone app, you can also track PBIS Rewards points for your child by visiting the following website:

  • Once you reach this website, you will begin by typing in our school.
  • Next, you will type in the first and last initial of your child.
  • Finally, you will type in your child's student id number in the student code box. If you need help finding this number, you can always email Mr. Long.