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Chromebook Accident and Loss Protection

Accident and loss protection for the 2020-2021 school year is available to West Bloomfield School District families for the district provided HP 11 G8 Chromebooks.  

Two options are available- Opting in (selecting accident and loss protection) or opting out (full cost responsibility).  REGARDLESS OF YOUR CHOICE, YOU MUST GO THROUGH THE ENROLLMENT STEPS BELOW TO SELECT IF YOU ARE OPTING IN OR OUT OF THE ACCIDENT AND LOSS PROTECTION.  

Any Chromebook requests must be an Oakland Schools Service Desk ticket request by the parent/guardian.  

If you are unable to enroll your child (receiving the message "Error, student not found in our system"), please do the following-


Regardless of your selection, please submit an Oakland Schools Service Desk ticket FIRST when you have a Chromebook damage issue, the Chromebook is lost, or the Chromebook is stolen.  This way we can ensure the proper steps are being taken in a prompt and timely manner.  

OPTION 1- Accident and Loss Protection

This is a yearly opt in.  There is no refund opportunities if you do not use the accident and loss protection for the year.  

  2. Please complete ENROLLMENT STEPS.

OPTION 2- Full Cost Responsibility 

You are responsible for the full cost of any repair and replacement if the device is lost.  If the device is stolen, a police report will be required to waive being charged full cost of the device..  Total device replacement cost is $173.00.

  1. Please review the INACOMP PRICING SHEET.
  2. Please complete ENROLLMENT STEPS , selecting you ARE NOT participating in the accident loss protection program.