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Student Support Services


The special education program in WBSD supports individuals facing a range of social, emotional, communication, and learning challenges. Our goal is to integrate students into the general education  classroom setting to the greatest extent possible, taking into account their unique needs.

Each school building offers a variety of specialized programs that address specific areas of difficulty, provide academic skill development, and assist with learning challenges.

Irrespective of the type or severity of a child's disability, our highly skilled staff is committed to meeting a wide range of needs. The West Bloomfield Special Education programs adhere to both state and federal regulations, ensuring compliance with all guidelines.

Transition Center students safely enjoyed the Eclipse

Students, staff, and families around the District celebrated the solar eclipse with a wide variety of learning events. The West Bloomfield Transition Center students enjoyed the view. West Bloomfield Transition Center guides young adults to gain the skills to lead independent, productive adult lives.

child find

Child Find is the federal requirement, established by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), to identify, locate and evaluate all children with disabilities, from birth through 21 years of age, who are in need, or may be in need, of special education and related services. In Michigan, this extends through age 25. Child find is an affirmative and ongoing process that includes public awareness activities, policies and procedures, and coordination with agencies and primary sources such as local physicians, local hospitals, childcare centers, and the department of health and human services.

If you suspect that your infant/toddler, ages birth to 3 years, may need special education services, or has a developmental delay, please contact the Early On Coordinator Catherine McCotter at or (248) 804-3906.

If you suspect your preschool age child ages 3 to 5 may need special education services, please contact the Child Find Coordinator, Joy Oetjens at or (248) 865-3291.

If you suspect your child ages 6 through 26, may need special education services please contact the Student Support Services Department at (248) 865-6470. 

Eligible children will be referred to appropriate programs and services per federal and state guidelines.

michigan updates/resources

Please click the link below to access the most recent news update from Michigan Department of Education

Michigan Department of Education:

Michigan Alliance for Families:
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Family Matter Fact Sheet:
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Administrative & Community Services Building
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Director, Student Support Services 
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Dawan Williams 
Supervisor of Student Support Services and Principal of West Bloomfield Transition Center
(313) 917-1676
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Tina Gagnon
Administrative Assistant, Student Support Services
(248) 865-6470
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Jamie Carrick
Administrative Assistant - Pupil Accounting Secretary
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