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WBSD - Capturing Kids’ Hearts on a Daily Basis

Three WBSD Schools Nominated as Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase
Schools for 2019-2020

We recently received some exciting news – three West Bloomfield School District Schools, Doherty Elementary, Scotch Elementary and Sheiko Elementary have been nominated as 2019-2020 Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools! Congratulations to the staff and students of each of these schools for achieving this prestigious recognition. This is the third time that Scotch has achieved this status and the first nomination for both Doherty and Sheiko.

The Capturing Kids’ Hearts program being implemented across all schools in the West Bloomfield School District, focuses on improving relationships between students and teachers, as well as other adults in the school, so kids experience more success in school and in life. As founder and chairman of the Flippen Group, and creator of the Capturing Kids’ Hearts (CKH) process, Flip Flippen, believes, “If you have a kids heart, you have their mind.”

Through the National Showcase Schools awards program, the Flippen Group
recognizes and celebrates schools that go the extra mile each day, creating the socio-emotional safety in schools that is conducive to learning. Only 284 U.S. schools have been selected for this recognition. We’re proud to have three of these recognized schools in WBSD!

Capturing Kids’ Hearts is an immersive, participatory experience where teachers, staff and administrators learn and practice skills they will use and model in their classrooms, schools and districts. The elements of CKH are based on research that shows student connectedness reduces negative behaviors related to emotional health, violence and substance use, while improving attendance and grades.

The emphasis of CKH is to improve relationships between appropriate adult role
models (teachers) and their students. CKH, first developed in 1990, is “… a research-proven process designed to strengthen students’ connectedness to school by enhancing protective factors (strong bonds with teachers, shared agreements of behavior that are consistently enforced) and targeting modifiable risk factors (inappropriate behavior, poor social coping skills).” (Flippen Group – Systemic Implementation FAQ). 

We are fortunate to be working closely with the Flippen Group, a national
professional development provider operating on the principles that research clearly demonstrates – that students are most likely to succeed when they are emotionally safe and able to connect with their natural curiosity. Educators trained in the CKH processes refine their skills to change the trajectory of students’ lives. “Consistent, sequential implementation of CKH processes by all school staff is the key that unlocks positive cultural transformation and creates academic and psychological safety.” Schools implementing Capturing Kids Hearts processes consistently experience increases in academic improvements and reductions in negative and distracting behaviors. “Discipline problems are nearly non-existent,” and “academic achievement is constantly improving” are common feedback from participating schools.

We want each of our students to feel safe and loved in our classrooms so they are able to contribute to their learning and that of their peers each and every day. Capturing Kids’ Hearts, a key component of our overall strategy, sets a positive tone in our quest to educate students to be their best in and for the world.