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West Bloomfield DECA’S ‘Sweet 16’ Headed to ICDC

West Bloomfield DECA’S ‘Sweet 16’ Headed to ICDC

West Bloomfield High School DECA earns thirty-eight medals and awards at state competition

West Bloomfield High School's DECA program earned 38 awards in the Virtual Michigan DECA State Career Development Conference.  Twenty-three students were finalists in the state. Sixteen students from West Bloomfield School District will represent Michigan during the International Competition that was originally to take place in Anaheim, California.  

The opening session took place March 8th to welcome the 4,500 competitors across the state to the week-long leadership and business conference.  Students attended motivational and professional development workshops and events throughout the week.  Additionally, students have an opportunity to network and play games with thousands of other DECA members throughout the state.

Throughout the week, students competed in their given competitive events.  These consisted of individual and team role plays, ten or twenty page research papers and presentations in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, sports and retailing. Students presented their findings to business community members throughout the state over virtual technology.

West Bloomfield DECA is pleased to announce the following students who will represent the state of Michigan at the first Virtual International Career Development Conference to take place this April.  The students below are recognized as one of the top five or six in their given competitive category.  They will compete among the top 20,000 marketing students around the world.  Students will compete for college scholarships, cash prizes, networking with industry leaders and marketing students from around the world.   This year The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis will serve as the Keynote speaker.

  • Frank Bachulis, School Based Enterprise
  • Aaryan Chandna, Virtual Business Sports
  • Max Goldstein, School Based Enterprise
  • Mick Gordinier, Virtual Business Challenge Sports
  • Blake Johnson, Start Up Business Plan
  • Omer Junedi, Integrated Marketing Campaign-Service
  • Tess Kadian, Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations Research
  • Sophia Samson, Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations Research
  • Alexander Selektor, Integrated Marketing Campaign-Service
  • Faris Sharba, Integrated Marketing Campaign-Service
  • Sahith Shankar, Virtual Business Challenge Business Sports
  • Andrew Shore, Professional Selling Event
  • Morgan Shrophsire, Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
  • Fatima Syed, Integrated Marketing Campaign-Event
  • Safa Syed, Integrated Marketing Campaign-Event
  • Deniz Uzunov, School Based Enterprise

The following students were recognized as top ten finalists in their respective categories:

  • Kouya Takeshita, Entrepreneurship Series
  • Darin Lavine, Principles of Finance
  • Abagail Freitag, Financial Consulting
  • Amani Kayat, Innovation Plan
  • Maleeha Mughal, Innovation Plan
  • Sophia Watha, Innovation Plan

Julie Zalla, West Bloomfield High School Teacher, said, “No matter if we have been online or hybrid, the students have continued to make DECA a priority.  These students are true leaders with their positive attitude, ability to adapt to every situation and excitement and eagerness to learn.  They are true leaders.  They are not afraid to learn new technology, help their peers or try something a different way to make things work.”

Jacqueline Evola, West Bloomfield High School Business and Marketing Teacher, said, “I am so proud of all of our students that competed this year.  There were some challenging adjustments but they persevered. Your DECA coaches loved watching you grow and adjust to the circumstances.  DECA is our sport and it is an honor to coach you!”