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WBHS seeks Medical Mentors

WBHS seeks Medical Mentors

West Bloomfield High School Medical Mentorship is seeking members of the local community to serve as mentors for students enrolled in West Bloomfield High School’s Medical Mentorship Program. Students will shadow/work a minimum of 30 hours per semester without pay in exchange for the opportunity to gain further knowledge in their future career area of interest.

If you currently hold a position in any area of health care, biomedical, research or non-profit and would be interested in serving as a mentor for our 12th grade students contact

About the Program

The Medical Mentorship Program is sponsored by West Bloomfield High School. The Medical Mentorship program exposes students to various areas of primary and specialty care medicine by pairing them with physicians or any health care related professionals during the school year. The number of hours served is negotiable between the physician and the student. The student will be released from school for up to 4 hours per week to be mentored. Many of today’s physicians have stated that experiences early in their premedical education affected their decisions to pursue careers in medicine. The experiences of students participating in the medical Mentorship program may help them clarify career paths. Additionally, medical schools are increasingly looking for evidence that applicants have a realistic understanding of the various roles of physicians through shadowing and volunteer experiences in the clinical or hospital setting. Clinical exposure opportunities can be difficult to find and intimidating for students. The Medical mentorship program will provide clinical exposure opportunities for students. By participating in medical mentorship, students will experience a work environment where professionalism, customer service, and timeliness are important.

About our Students

  • Our students have an average GPA of 3.8
  • Have completed an average of 7 science classes in high school
  • Have completed an average of 2 AP science courses including AP Biology and AP Chemistry
  • Have been selected as a part of a process that considers GPA, Schedule Rigor, and Teacher Recommendations.  On average 60 of 100 applicants are accepted
  • All have shown an interest in exploring health care careers
  • Have tested negative for TB
  • Have up to date vaccinations including the season flu vaccination
  • Have had HIPPA training

If interested click here to fill out an application for the 2022-2023 school year and please contact