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Forhan joins Board of Education

Forhan joins Board of Education

The West Bloomfield School District Board of Education is pleased to announce the appointment of Christina Forhan to the Board’s vacant board seat. Ms. Forhan was appointed to the position of Trustee during the Board of Education’s special meeting on Sept. 14 with a unanimous 6-0 vote. Ms. Forhan will serve the remainder of the seat's term until December 2022.

Ms. Forhan has volunteered in the West Bloomfield School District since 1995. In that time she has served the school district community in a multitude of capacities, including involvement in the following roles:

  • Four different PTO Boards
  • Superintendent’s Finance Committee
  • Long-Term Enrollment Committee
  • Strategic Enrollment and Facilities (SEAF) project
  • Head Costume Designer for the OLMS musical theatre program

She also had key involvement in several recent elections including:

  • Building and Site Sinking Fund in 2013
  • Hold Harmless Millage in 2014
  • Bond Issues in 2009 & 2017

“My focus has always been on improving our schools, enhancing experiences for our students, supporting our staff, and promoting the district. My husband and I chose to raise our children in West Bloomfield, in large part, because of the quality of the public schools. I want to ensure all West Bloomfield students benefit from the same outstanding education that my own children received,” said Ms. Forhan.

Stacy Brickman, Board of Education president, said, “On behalf of the West Bloomfield Board of Education, we welcome Ms. Forhan and we look forward to serving the students, staff and families of West Bloomfield with her. Ms. Forhan has made an outstanding contribution to our school district over the past two decades. I have been fortunate to serve alongside Christy on many district level initiatives and know her to be a creative problem solver, analytical, fiscally responsible, and a hard worker that possesses the highest level of integrity.”

Dr. Gerald Hill, WBSD superintendent, said, “Ms. Forhan brings a wealth of knowledge to our Board of Education through her previous years of work and service to our district. We have the utmost confidence she will serve our district proudly both now and in the future.”