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Budget 2020 - Contact Our Legislators

Budget 2020 - Contact Our Legislators

We know you have many questions regarding the budget rumors coming out of Lansing and Washington DC and how education in the state of Michigan and across the country will be affected due to the current pandemic. We encourage you to take action and contact our elected officials and voice your thoughts and concerns. We have collected contact emails and social media accounts for our leaders and shared a list of talking points below.

The key points to make with our lawmakers:

  • Talk from Lansing right now about significant cuts to public education, as high as 25%, are simply not serious conversations if there is any expectation for schools to reopen to our students in the Fall. Instead, cuts of any size only jeopardize our ability to provide the services our students deserve and our communities rely on. 

  • Schools have stepped up and played a key role in helping our communities through the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and will play a key role in our state’s ability to fully reopen the economy as we work to safely transition back to in-class instruction this Fall.

  • While school budgets have already been stretched thin due to years of underfunding, we know that extensive new health and safety guidelines will be required to give parents the assurance that it is safe to send their children back into our schools in the Fall, and each of those will have a cost attached that we are not currently be funded for.

  • Schools and childcare facilities will be vital in restoring our state and national economy. A budget cut of this size would dramatically impact school districts’ ability to safely return to in-person instruction.

Our legislative contacts at the national and state level include:



Please add any anecdotal notes you would like!  They want to hear your stories and your feelings. In order to save time, please consider writing one email, sending it to one contact from the list above and blind copy the rest.

We are proud of the role our schools are playing throughout this crisis, specifically the efforts or our dedicated educators and staff members. We wish to hold our elected officials accountable to provide the necessary resources that take into account the increased and unknown costs that will be associated with redefining how we teach our students this Fall and beyond.

Thank you for your time and we appreciate your efforts in helping us make our case in Lansing and Washington DC. These are unprecedented times and the last thing we need to be cutting is financial support for our schools. School budgets should never be a line item or a tool for political gain, especially during a pandemic.

#fundMIheroes #teachersareheroes