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BOE Awards Star Certificates - Oct. 2019

BOE Awards Star Certificates - Oct. 2019

The West Bloomfield Board of Education recently awarded Star Certificates to staff members at Abbott Middle School and Orchard Lake Middle School during the Oct. 2019 Board of Education meeting. The Board thanked these staff members for everything they do for students and families in West Bloomfield. 

The Abbott Middle School Justice Team is a group of educators dedicated to educating students on the importance of social justice through monthly after school meetings. About 22 6th-8th grade students were invited to be a part of the Social Justice Club after going through an application process. The Social Justice team then works to spread their message about social justice to the rest of the school through events and activities throughout the school year.

An example of their efforts is evidenced in the school’s Culture Fair.  The Social Justice Team started this event with the intent of bringing families together with members of the West Bloomfield Community in a thoughtful and inclusive manner. The fair features an evening of food, fun and entertainment. Last year’s fair attendance was over 300!

Amy Hughes, Abbott Middle School principal, said, “This group walks the walk and talks the talk around social issues and continually looks to educate and support all students' needs.  This group allows students to have a voice in guiding the agenda of our Social Justice club.”

Jennifer Birmelin, Orchard Lake Middle School, positively represents our district by going above and beyond to provide students with opportunities that they otherwise would not have. She also makes her subject area come alive by routinely helping students to make the connection between the mathematics they learn in their classroom and the math that is applied to the real world.

To create learning opportunities for her students, Ms. Birmelin recently started a "Lunch and Learn" series for her students where community members present on a topic related to mathematics to students during their lunchtime. Thus far, she has welcomed to her classroom Marnese Jackson, an Environmental and Climate advocate, and Moses Fridman, a Ford engineer.

Stasi Mortimore, Orchard Lake Middle School assistant principal said, “Ms. Birmelin is a positive role model for her students, demonstrating respect for self, others and the school. She is motivated, kind, focused, and always has a student’s best interests in mind.”