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Board of Education shares Anti-Racism Resolution

Board of Education shares Anti-Racism Resolution

The West Bloomfield Board of Education introduced a resolution to support the district’s anti-racism stance during the board’s regular meeting on June 22. The resolution titled “Resolution to Change the System, Eradicate Racism and Create More Equitable and Inclusive Schools for All Children” was carried by a 7-0 vote in support of the resolution. 

Dr. Gerald Hill, West Bloomfield School District superintendent, said, “This resolution will serve as our guiding principles in determining how we can create a more equitable and inclusive environment for our students to learn. These action items will be welcome additions to the district’s goals moving forward.”

The Board of Education’s resolution included the following tasks and responsibilities for district administrators moving forward. These tasks include:

  • Committing to openly talk, challenge and confront racism and inequities through the district’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. 
  • Creation of a district “Equity Statement” for Board adoption in order to eliminate the effects of racism and inequities on marginalized students and staff.
  • Identify policy updates and/or recommend additional policies to end inequity and injustices within the school district.
  • Explore integrating additional content and resources that are racially and culturally relevant, into curriculum, classrooms and within all school buildings.
  • Commitment to creating real partnerships with families and communities to help students achieve their full potential and succeed.
  • Increase diversity in high achieving classes and programs.
  • Recognize and honor Indigenous Peoples contributions and the impact that history has had on their heritage within the curriculum.
  • Implement bias awareness and antiracist training districtwide and create learning spaces that encourage open discussions around race and racism.
  • Require that all reports of discriminatory language, attitudes, behaviors, and action are responded to following the district Code of Conduct and Policies, and commit to educating students and staff, through restorative practices, on the impact of their actions and seeing to their full understanding of the harm they have committed.
  • Recognize the importance that students of all ages are able to talk about bias, race and the impacts of racism, and commit to implement anti-racist programs beginning at elementary school.
  • Increase the diversity of staff district wide.

Board of Education President, Stacy Brickman, said, “The West Bloomfield School District Board of Education stands firmly against all acts of individual and systemic racism. We will openly talk, challenge and confront racism. As a school board and district we value each and every student, family and staff member and are committed to creating an equitable and anti-racist system that honors and elevates all.”

Find a link to the complete resolution listed below: