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A single week of recognition is not nearly enough to thank you for all you do for our students, their families and our district.  There is no greater testament to your dedication, your passion and your love for our students than the countless hours you have spent learning how to Zoom, making screencasts, uploading lessons and responding to parents.  You have sacrificed time with your own families for ours.  You have read bedtime stories, conducted experiments, solved complex problems and led discussions.  You have asked how your students are feeling each day,  how you can help if they are in need and have reached out when you've had concerns.  You have called your colleagues to share a story or a laugh or a frustration. Through this all, you've done your very best.  No matter what we've asked of you, you've risen to the challenge.  

We are so proud of all of you and thankful to have you as part of our WB family.  You are a gift to our district and our students.  Thank you for being YOU.  

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  We certainly appreciate you.

Educators in West Bloomfield are responsible for designing coherent instruction related to a specific content area, relying on district-approved curriculum and materials to build student knowledge for that content area, selecting appropriate resources to support the instructional design, and then implementing the instructional lesson plans. 

Both classroom and online learning models rely on the use of traditional curriculum materials and resources delivered through the technology tools that are chosen to facilitate or enhance the learning process. 

Meaningful instructional engagement through the cloud means requires that promising practices in online pedagogy are utilized.  Once the communication methods are identified and information is shared, then students will be better equipped to engage in live video sessions, chats, and/or independent learning that they document and share in some way.

Lynne Swerhone, WBSD School Mental Health Specialist

Support for Staff