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Fine Arts

The West Bloomfield School District teaches sequential fine arts curriculum based upon Michigan and National Standards through visual and performing arts classes.  The district has a long tradition of delivering quality k-12 fine arts education both in the curricular and extra-curricular environment that is valued in our community. Beneficial outcomes have been documented in numerous research studies, leading to the inclusion of Arts education as a core academic subject in the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (referred to as “No Child Left Behind”). Corporate executives cite communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and innovation as the characteristics critical for success in the workforce of the 21st century.

students work with clay in Art in Motion lesson.

Department Mission Statement:

We believe that within every child there is a consciousness, which desires to express itself through Fine Arts. The Arts have appeared in every society and every culture. It is imperative that Fine Arts be encouraged in a caring and nurturing environment. Involvement in Fine Arts provides a means through which individuals may express emotion, communicate ideas and explore humanity. Fine Arts education must be for all students and at all levels of their  education. The West Bloomfield High School District’s curriculum provides the framework for students to develop fine arts through a sequential and spiraling curriculum. 

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WBHS choir performs at Roosevelt
Laker Express performing at a Pistons game
high school orchestra performance
middle school band performance
musical performance
high school orchestra concert
combined orchestra and choir concert
middle school choir concert
sheiko elementary concert
laker express
chamber choir
concert choir
chorale choir
musical pit orchestra
elementary concert
musical cast and crew
vocal music award winners

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