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Classroom to Cloud

The West Bloomfield Classroom to Cloud (C2C) Framework for Learning has been developed in conjunction with stakeholders from across the district and will serve as our guide.  Our C2C Framework provides a roadmap for three potential instructional models for Fall 2020 and takes into consideration the many key facets for a safe return, including governance, health and well-being, facilities and operations and technology.

Members of our Teaching and Learning Team including Assistant Superintendent, Deanna Barash shared the C2C Framework with the community during a Board of Education Meeting on May 18. Please find the presentation below:

Logo for Classroom to Cloud Framework

C2C Community Presentations

We provided two opportunities on May 21 and May 22 to hear about the Classroom to Cloud (C2C) Framework and see the presentation members of the Teaching and Learning team shared with the Board of Education on May 18.  The presentation included our instructional roadmaps, safety considerations, professional learning plans, technology support and more.  We will addressed questions and concerns after each presentation.

Media Coverage

Our Cloud Learning Initiative positioned our school district as one of the leaders in developing online instruction in the state of Michigan in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We seamlessly transitioned our instruction the classroom to the cloud and we haven't looked back. 

Our successes in Cloud Learning will be applied directly our Classroom to Cloud Framework for Learning starting in August 2020.

Classroom to Cloud Framework for Learning

This framework includes three different roadmaps for returning to school in the fall:

  • Plan A - Blended Instruction - Combination of instruction both in-person and online
    • Mondays/Tuesdays:  In-person instruction for approximately 50% of students; other approximately 50% participating in remote learning
    • Wednesdays:  Remote learning for ALL students
    • Thursdays/Fridays:  In-person instruction for approximately 50% of students; other approximately 50% participating in remote learning
  • Plan B - Remote Learning Continuation - Similar to how we've continued the 2019-2020 school year since mid-March in the event of another 'Stay Home' order.
  • Plan C - Completely Online - Instruction for families who are not comfortable returning to in-person instruction in 2020. Regardless of the final instruction plan for 2020-21, this plan will be made available to all families who would prefer an online model next school year.

Ongoing Planning - Summer 2020

Our district administrators and instruction teams will continue to receive updates on best practices from the Michigan Department of Education and Governor Gretchen Whitmer's office. Ultimately we will be expected to follow these recommendations and policies from Lansing for the 2020-21 school year. We do not anticipate a scenario where school districts are left to decide on whether a return to traditional in-person instruction or if a modified plan is necessary. 

It was our intention to share our plans with the community to bring peace of mind to our families and demonstrate that we are prepared to provide instruction to students should we not be able to return to school in the fall as we normally would.  

We will keep our families informed as the return to school expectations in the fall are shared with us.