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Student Ambassadors

As part of the Portrait of a Graduate initiative, the District is proud to announce the Student Ambassador Program. As ambassadors, they represent the school district, engage in community events, and champion the District’s mission of supporting student's needs by providing the opportunities, experiences, and educational tools for their journey. 

The West Bloomfield School District is determined to working from preschool through graduation to equip graduates with a toolkit of intangible, but highly impactful skills in critical thinking, collaborating, communicating, and contributing.  When coupled with the District’s high academic rigor, the Portrait of a Graduate prepares our students to be some of the most desirable, employable, and valuable members in any school or organization.

WB Rotary Club presentation - May 2020

Critical Thinker - Lexie Lafata

Being a Critical Thinker means you always pick the best or most logical decision. This most recognizable in a group conversation coming up with new ideas and picking the most beneficial to yourself and the people you work with. In our school we do a lot of group work. It always makes me feel great when I am one of the main leaders, coming up with new innovative ideas. Being a critical thinker has taught me so much and working in groups or by myself. It gives me that extra advantage. It helps me make the best calls in tough situations.

Picture of Student Ambassador - Lexi
Student Ambassador - Dillon

Collaborator - Dillon Tatum

Collaborators work with others successfully and kindly while creating new and unique products within a group. Collaboration is when a group is giving ideas to create the project while working diligently. Our school works with multiple clubs and classes to help create a great group experience. It will give you the will for creativity and experience with working with others especially when you graduate.

Contributor - Isaac Mintz

Being a contributor means having the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in society. At the end of the day, being a productive member of society enables further engagement, and therefore students will find greater satisfaction from education. Being a contributor looks like being engaged in co-curricular and classroom activities alike. Participant in clubs, participating in classroom activities. So, funny enough, I moved to West Bloomfield High School in order to be a contributor. High school is an incredible environment that students are able to find a part of who they are. At West Bloomfield I am able to be on the boards of yoga club, earth club, and our DECA chapter, co-direct the fashion show. At the end of the day, this is just preparation for a meaningful and fulfilling career. All I want is to be able to give back to my community, and I’ve been able to do so alongside West Bloomfield.

Isaac Mintz
Audrey Gunawan

Communicator - Audrey Gunawan

Being a communicator means actively conveying your thoughts and ideas to other people. Communicators participate in discussion with group members by asking and answer questions. Our school supports us being Communicators with flexible furniture, Socratic seminars, providing time for discussion, and questions in class. Learning how to be an effective communicator enables you to work well with others in all aspects of life, work, college, personal relationships, etc. Being able to express your thoughts and listen to others is important.

State of the Communities - 28 Minute Mark