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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

West Bloomfield School District Equity Statement

The West Bloomfield School District is committed to:

  • Creating equitable environments for all students that ensure access and opportunities to culturally responsive and anti-racist curriculum 
  • Eliminating policies that create systemic barriers to success
  • Taking action in the development of anti-racist, culturally relevant curriculum that honors, uplifts, and promotes the uniqueness of our district and the greater West Bloomfield community. 
  • Overcoming barriers to learning that we have identified through educational research, to ensure equal and equitable access to opportunities, resources, and services for all students and families.

The West Bloomfield School District will operate in a manner that honors and celebrates the differences of its students and their families.

BOE Anti-Racism Resolution

During the Board of Education's June 22, 2020 meeting, the following resolution was based pertaining to anti-racism in the West Bloomfield School District:

BOE Anti-Racism Resolution

Like many of you, we’ve been paying close attention to the protests and demonstrations against the systemic and institutional racism in this country. To be clear, the West Bloomfield School District does not tolerate racism or injustice of any kind. We believe in equity, diversity and unity for all. 

To our Black families, you are not invisible. We see you, we hear you and we are here for you. 

To our Black students, you matter. Your life matters. Your education, health and prosperity matter.

Even though we may be apart, we stand together against the injustices, police brutality and racism facing the black community in this country.

Black Lives Matter and we stand with you during these difficult times. 

Together we are Team WB.

Graphic with District stance on BLM

Antiracism in WBSD

Superintendent Dr. Hill sat down to have a candid conversation with Kwame Simmons, a WBSD parent and educator (biography linked here), and the principal of Doherty Elementary School, Scott Long, to discuss the district’s antiracist journey.  In this conversation, they also explore the antiracist vision for the district moving forward.  The purpose of this dialogue is to better understand the importance of where we are going and how we will work to support the entire community through being an anti-racist district.

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July 23 Presentation

This conversation is the first installment in a series designed to support our WBSD parents in preparing students for their return to school. The series is titled, From Hurt to Healing: Growing our Emotional Understanding About the World Around Us.  Topics in this series include: talking to children and teens about race, Covid-19 and student mental health, and parent wellness.

The WBSD DEI Team hosted a conversation on July 23 as we continue the conversation and discuss ways to talk about race and anti-racism at home.  The panelists will include WBSD Superintendent, Dr. Gerald Hill, and WBSD Board President, Stacey Brickman, who will speak to equity work within the district.  In addition, Kwame Simmons, WBSD parent and educator, and Dr. Jay Marks, Diversity and Equity Consultant from Oakland Schools, will share their expertise on speaking to children about race.  

Talking to Your Children About Race Resources

Information for Hurt to Heal program on July 23

Antiracism Archive