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2023 Bond

2023 Bond West Bloomfield School District

General Bond Information

On May 2, 2023, voters approved a $148 million 3-series bond proposal to fund a 10-year facility improvement plan. It is estimated that this voter approved bond will result in zero net increase over the 2022 total debt tax rate.

  • Used for high-priority capital improvements - 2 new elementary buildings, STEAM/CTE space, multi-activity spaces, technology upgrades, and dedicated early childhood spaces

WBSD has ambitious aspirations for all of our students and it is our desire that the learning environments reflect this.  The District will use these funds to improve facilities in order to provide students with safer, more modern, and more comfortable spaces, which are expected to enhance their educational experiences and learning outcomes.

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New middle school media center, front entry, and auditorium
Dedicated Early Childhood Spaces offered in North and South Elementary School Buildings
Enhanced Elementary Programming through New and Remodeled Schools
High School STEAM Lab, Career Tech Remodel, and Remodeling with Enhanced Outdoor Multi-Activity Spaces
Operational Efficiency, Environmental Quality and Safety through Infrastructure Upgrades

History and Features FAQ's

Financial and Election FAQ's

Major Features Highlighted

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Enhanced Elementary Programming through New and Remodeled Schools

pink color stripe
  • Construction of two new schools to replace the 57-year-old Doherty & the 69-year-old Sheiko Elementary buildings
  • Additions and renovations to Gretchko & Scotch Elementaries
  • New and remodeled elementary schools shall be flexible to allow reconfiguration of grade levels if desired in the future

Exciting Possibilities Across All Elementaries

Our new and remodeled elementary buildings will be designed to support innovative teaching practices, keeping in mind the importance of safety and security, collaboration, hands-on learning, wellness, arts and music, special needs, natural light, acoustics, and appropriate technology integration.

Upgrades to elementary sites will support age-appropriate, accessible, and safe playgrounds and outdoor learning opportunities, as well as separation of bus, auto and pedestrian traffic. Dedicated space in north and south elementary buildings will be designed for early childhood education.


Dedicated Early Childhood Spaces in a North and South Elementary Building Location

Creating dedicated Early Childhood space offered in both a north and south elementary building location, to respond to the unique needs of our young learners.

Designing for Early Learners

  • Scale
  • Color
  • Movement
  • Space just for kids
preschool students sitting in creative learning environments
Children playing in open learning environment


High School STEAM/Career Tech expansion & Remodel 

green stripe
steam lab render with robotic arms
West Bloomfield High School was built in 1970 and is over 50 years old. Infrastructure upgrades are planned throughout the high school, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) and CTE (Career Technical Education) spaces will be enhanced through both renovations and an addition to offering students increased opportunities.

Possible STEM/CTE Lab Improvements

  • Flexible furniture to allow individual, small, or large group collaboration
  • Access to utilities, i.e. gas, water, power, etc.
  • Presentation areas
  • Ample, dedicated, and secure storage areas
  • Abundant technology
  • Optimized research, analysis, interaction, and hands-on activities

Supporting Our Thriving Programs

Spaces will be designed to improve and expand our existing and successful programming while adapting to future STEAM education needs. Supported STEAM programs include:

  • Engineering Academy
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design)
  • Writing for Publication
  • Architecture
  • Digital Media Arts
  • Multimedia Production
  • Screenwriting
  • Programming
  • Video Game Design
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • Project Lead the Way Engineering

Why STEAM Matters

The demand for STEAM professionals in the US outweighs supply. In the next 10 years, STEAM fields are expected to grow by 10.8%. The new STEAM / CTE addition at WBHS will greatly impact the learning environment for a wide range of students. Enhancing spaces to house STEAM / CTE curriculum allows equitable opportunities for all students to develop 21st century skills and better prepare for the future. A well-designed learning setting allows an inquiry-based curriculum to thrive. It provides the opportunity for collaboration and the flexibility for students to access information and to interact with the world. It adjusts to each project, each group, and each individual.

Laboratory of Possibilities

Students build robotics and test them in a playful environment
proposed WBHS STEAM/CTE Upgrades would include 5,400 sq ft remodeling of CTE classrooms and a 6,000 sq ft STEAM addition.

enhanced outdoor Multi-activity space at WBHS

green stripe
satellite photo showing proposed location of new scoreboard, pickleball courts in the Southwest corner, and more.

The proposed WBHS outdoor multi-activity upgrades include:

  • Main Stadium Scoreboard
  • Grandstands and Press Box Replacement
  • New Pickleball Courts
  • Concessions Booth

Pickleball Courts

pickleball courts

Improving Operational Efficiency, Environmental Quality,
& Safety through Infrastructure Upgrades

purple stripe

A comprehensive building condition study was completed in 2022 to determine critical infrastructure needs for the next five years. Items identified included mechanical, electrical, site, roofing, interior finishes and casework, building envelope, and technology infrastructure. The goal for these improvements is to keep our existing buildings in good working condition, thus creating safe and comfortable spaces for our students and staff. The high school, Gretchko, and Scotch Elementaries, and the Abbott building will receive these improvements. In addition, the Central Office function will move to the Abbott building which will receive a modest addition to accommodate space needs

  • Investing in school bus replacement and technology Estimated $3.0M

  • Property acquisition Investment Estimated $1.0M

  • Upgrading technology (infrastructure, student and staff devices, classroom AV equipment, and phone system) Estimated $10.0M

  • Abbott building is almost 70 years old. Updates here will focus on infrastructure and space for the Central Office function to enhance District operations.

Roof Unit
Students use buses

Cost Summary for Recommendations


Estimated Cost 

Doherty Elementary School (new)


Sheiko Elementary School (new)


Scotch Elementary School Upgrades


Gretchko Elementary School Upgrades


West Bloomfield High School & Site Upgrades


Abbott Building Upgrades


Site Acquisition 




West Bloomfield Middle School


Less Interest Earnings


Estimated Total Cost




For more information, please contact Superintendent Dr. Dania Bazzi at or (248) 865-6485 OR Rebecca Fannon at or (248) 865-6454.