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New Middle School Project

The West Bloomfield School District hosted a parent presentation on Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the West Bloomfield High School iCenter. The purpose of the presentation was to inform parents about the recommended middle school transition plan from the district’s middle school transition plan workgroup. Last night's presentation can be found at the following link:

The Board of Education intends to make their decision at their February Board of Education Meeting on Feb. 24.

Construction Time Lapse

The video shows the process of the site clearing and the building pad being established.  Once the building pad was constructed the rammed aggregate pier contractor made progress along the building footprint to install 1,200 rammed aggregate piers to stabilize the earth below the building.  The earthwork contractor continued to install the underground storm sewer pipe around the building.  Lastly the foundation contractor is seen installing foundations throughout the building establishing the foundation that the building will sit upon.  

June Construction Update:

Footings have been poured and masons are beginning their work. 

Image showing working completed at WBMS site
Construction update at WBMS May 2020
Drone photo of WBMS
Photo of WBMS from Drone
Photo of WBMS Progress from Drone
WBMS progress drone photo
Drone photo WBMS construction

As part of the 2017 Bond Proposal, the district will be constructing a new middle school combining the student populations from Abbott Middle School and Orchard Lake Middle School into one centralized location. The new West Bloomfield Middle School will be constructed directly behind OLMS with the building opening to students for the 2022-23 school year. 

This new, 21st-century middle school would be constructed with both current and future instructional needs in mind. The building will have a capacity of 1,200 students. Instructional programs and the physical spaces will be designed in a way to support smaller learning communities, (i.e. grade-level families and collaboration areas). 

In addition to being a state-of-the-art instructional facility, the new middle school will provide expanded co-curricular space for athletics, fine/performing arts, and enrichment opportunities for all students.

Stacy Brickman, WBSD Board of Education president, said, "The building is being designed around our 21st-century instructional priorities that are grounded in research and best for middle school-aged students that will house kids in grade level 'families' and allow for team teaching. We are also continuing to invest in our fine arts, visual arts, performing arts, STEAM labs, athletics and more. We are also looking forward to outdoor learning environments that include school gardens and research areas. There are a lot of possibilities for our students to have hands-on learning opportunities so we are keeping that at the forefront as the school campus is being designed."  


A special groundbreaking ceremony was held on Oct. 17, 2019 with members of the Board of Education, district administration, municipal leaders and future WBMS students in attendance. Please find the pictures and additional renderings below.

WBMS Renderings

WBMS Main entrance rendering
WBMS View from above rendering
WBMS Arts Center Entrance Rendering
WBMS Athletics Entrance Rendering
WBMS side view Rendering
WBMS View from rear of building rendering
Rear view of WBMS rendering
WBMS View from Road Rendering

WBMS Interior Renderings

Interior View of WBMS
WBMS Interior rendering
WBMS Interior from the front
Rendering of WBMS Layout
View of WBMS Classrooms from above
Rendering of potential WBMS classroom
Alternate view of WBMS classroom
View of WBMS Learning Space

Groundbreaking Ceremony

future WBMS students at groundbreaking ceremony
Amy Hughes with future WBMS students
WB administrators, students, board members and municipal leaders at groundbreaking
special groundbreaking shovel with dedication information
members of the board of education breaking ground at WBMS

Community Outreach

In May 2019, the district hosted a new middle school planning meeting for the residents from communities surrounding Orchard Lake Middle School and the future West Bloomfield Middle School location. Members of the bond construction team were on hand including individuals from French Associates and Auch Construction to answer questions and shed light on future plans for the new middle school and the current Orchard Lake Middle School facility. 

An additional meeting opportunity was been scheduled for Sept. 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the Orchard Lake Middle School cafeteria. This was an opportunity for those with property neighboring the OLMS site to learn more about the updated West Bloomfield Middle School plans. 

Please find the presentation from the May 2019 and Sept. 2019 meetings below as well the district's Talk to Us web submission tool to have your questions submitted to district administrators.