Parents and students often wonder what it is that a school counselors do on a daily basis.

As important members of an educational team, Abbott Middle School Counselors are available to all students in the areas of academic, personal, social, and career development. Through a comprehensive developmental school counseling program, counselors work together with school staff, parents and the community to create a caring, supportive atmosphere whereby students can achieve optimal success.

School Guidance Curriculum

  • academic skills support
  • coping strategies, peer relationships,and effective social skills including bully prevention
  • communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution
  • college readiness and career exploration
  • individual/family/ school crisis intervention
  • consultation/collaboration/referrals
  • goal-setting and decision-making
  • academic and career planning
  • education in understanding of self, including strengths and areas of improvement
  • guidance through transition planning
  • professional development - school/district/state

2018-2019 Counselor Assignments:

 6th grade:  Mrs. Nanci Gelsey 

7th grade:   Ms. MacKenzie Peguese

8th grade:Last names:

A-J: Ms. MacKenzie Peguese

K-Z: Mrs. Nanci Gelsey

 Students with active IEPs: Mrs. Jill Guanco 

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