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    Teaching & Learning Department


    The role of the Teaching and Learning Department is to provide resources and support for staff, students, and parents of the West Bloomfield School District regarding all Pre-K through 12 Instructional Programs.

     Some of the broad areas of this systemic work include the following:


    State and Federal Compliance

    State, Federal, Local/Regional Grants

    Title I, II, III (English Language Learners)


    District Advancement Network (DAN)


    Local, State, National

    Continuous Improvement & Progress Monitoring

    Multi-tiered System of Support

    County Leaders and Liaisons

    Oakland Schools

    Galileo Consortium

    Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    Development, Implementation, Alignment

    Curriculum Review Process (Instructional Materials)

    Adoption, Maintenance and Distribution

    Development, Updates, and Communication regarding:

    Report Cards

    Progress Reports


    District Data Warehouse & Dashboard

    Dual Enrollment

    Early College

    Innovative Program Development, Implementation and Evaluation; (examples include):

    Mandarin Chinese Language & Culture Program

    Host Families Student Exchange Program

    STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics)

    Including Business and Community Partnerships

    1:1/1:2 Mobile Learning Environment (Instructional Technology)

    Lead and Facilitate all District-Wide Committees and Specialized Work Groups

    Nutrition & Wellness

    Parent Informational Sessions & Resources

    Professional Development

    Professional Learning Academy

    Diverse Learning Opportunities (Virtual, Online, Blended, Face-to-Face)

    Alternative Professional Development Series

    Tuition Option