• Pine tree logo with book PINE TREE 2016-2017
    Pine Tree has ended for this year and our students did a lot of reading. We read over 2,700 books!
    Keep up the reading at home. Checkout books from the iCenter and from our public library.

    Over thirty years ago, we inaugurated a very successful Pine Tree Reading Program. Pine Tree is designed to encourage students in grades 3-5 to read recent or classic literature. More information will be available in this section starting on December 5. In conjunction with the West Bloomfield Township Public Library, one unique feature of our program is the opportunity for students to meet one of the Pine Tree authors or illustrators.

    Our list consists of books that will appeal to a wide range of interests and reading abilities. Students will create a personal goal that they will strive to accomplish during the duration of the program and they will be expected to demonstrate comprehension for each book they read. Students will receive information on all the requirements of this program. Our objective is to help students widen their reading horizon and develop life-long reading habits and skills. We also encourage parents to get involved by supporting their student’s participation in this valuable program.