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    Here are all the ways you can help us during book fair:

    1) Donate a book to a classroom.

    During the book fair, pick out and purchase a book from any teacher’s Wish Bag. OR
    Print and fill out the gift certificate information on the "Donation" form  This will allow teachers to purchase books for the classroom.
    Classroom Donation

    2) Donate a Dollar or loose change for our “All For Books” campaign.

    This money will be used to purchase books for the school media center.

            3) Volunteer to work at the book fair.  Book Fair SignUp Genius

            4) Help provide needed money for the school media center 

                 by purchasing  books and other items.

      Sheiko School receives a percentage of our book fair sales.

    If you can not buy at school or an item runs out, try our online book fair available at the same time.
    Click on the Online Book fair logo below to shop online from our Scholastic Page.

    Here are 3 good reasons to support our Book Fair:       

    1) Reading Success

    According to the American Library Association:

    “One key to children's reading success is making their reading experience entertaining, relaxing, and enjoyable. Allow children to choose their own reading materials and be aware of what their reading interests are. Help them find books that pique their interests.
    2) Student Achievement

    According to Jim Cornish, Classroom Connect:

    "Educators consider reading very important in developing life-long reading habits, in maintaining literacy skills and in promoting reading for pleasure. Studies have repeatedly shown that children who continue to read during vacation perform better when school resumes.”
    3). Support Sheiko School

    Hope to see you there!