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Classroom Activities

  • What's Your Center?
    Using video clips to drive reflection on ones motivation for the way one behaves or the choices that one makes.

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to intentionally cultivate relationships through an environment of social integrity that moves us from judgment to compassion through the education and nurturing of our students, staff, and community to ensure that the uniqueness of each individual is embraced while commonalities are celebrated. 

Short Term Goal

  • Collaborate, communicate, and create a professional environment that educates staff as it pertains to defining Social Justice and the role educators play in supporting the mission statement.

Long Term Goal

  • Equip educators with the tools and resources needed in order to address the unique and individual needs of a student.

Who We Are

  • The West Bloomfield Social Justice Committee started in March 2010 in collaboration with Novi Community Schools, Farmington Public Schools, U of M-Ann Arbor, and Oakland Schools.  Teachers and administrators volunteered from each district to participate.  Participants attended professional development, focused on social identity and teaching a diverse student population.  In West Bloomfield, each school was represented.  We have continued to meet and each year a new cohort of teachers and adminstrators join the committee.  Social Justice is now an Oakland County-wide program.


Discussion Thread for Social Justice Topics

  • What does Social Justice mean to you?

    Posted by: Carrie Betts

    What is your definition of Social Justice?

    What action steps in the classroom or at home do you use to promote ideas about Social Justice?


    *Please note only appropriate comments that move the work forward will be posted.

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Common Core Aligned Social Justice Booklist

  • A different mirror for young people: a history of multicultural America

    by Rebecca Stefoff Year Published: 2012 Grades 6-8; CCSS H/SS 6-8: 2-9; Reading 7:9

    Drawing on Takaki's vast array of primary sources, and staying true to his own words whenever possible, A Different Mirror for Young People brings ethnic history alive through the words of people, including teenagers, who recorded their experiences in letters, diaries, and poems. Like Zinn's A People's History, Takaki's A Different Mirror offers a rich and rewarding "people's view" perspective on the American story.

    Social Justice Connection: The U.S. as a nation of minorities, immigration, human rights.

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  • Branded

    by Eric Walters Year Published: 2010 Grades 6-8; CCSS Reading 6-8 1-6

     Ian is too busy pursuing his passion for social justice to be concerned about the issue of new school uniforms until he realizes the two issues might be related.

    Social Justice Connection: Human Rights


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  • Breaking Stalin's Nose

    by Eugene Yelchin Year Published: 2013 Grades 6-8; CCSS Reading 6-8 1-6 H/SS 6, 8, 9

     In the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union, ten-year-old Sasha idolizes his father, a devoted Communist, but when police take his father away and leave Sasha homeless, he is forced to examine his own perceptions, values, and beliefs.

    Social Justice Connection: Human Rights, Personal Perceptions

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  • Chains

    by Laurie Halse Anderson Year Published: 2008 Grades 6-8; CCSS Reading 6-8 1-9

     "Seeds of America." After being sold to a cruel couple in New York City, a slave named Isabel spies for the rebels during the Revolutionary War.

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  • Forge

    by Laurie Halse Anderson Year Published: 2010 Grades 6-8; CCSS Reading 6-8 1-9

     "Seeds of America.";Sequel to: Chains.;Includes bibliographical references. Curzon, having matured from boy to man over the course of the winter with the army at Valley Forge, worries that someone will learn he is a runaway slave passing for free, and tries to figure out the meaning of his friendship with Isabel.

    Social Justice Connection: Slavery, Freedom, American Revolution

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  • Frances Perkins: first woman cabinet member

    by Emily Keller Year Published: 2006 Grades 6-8; CCSS H/SS 6-8: 1-9

    Looks at the life and accomplishments of Frances Perkins, focusing on her work as a social reformer, and her appointment by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the post of secretary of labor, making her the first woman cabinet member.

    Social Justice Connection: Civil Rights

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  • Frederick Douglass: a noble life

    by David A. Adler Year Published: 2010 Grades 6-8; CCSS H/SS 6-8: 1-9, especially 6

    Chronicles the life of Frederick Douglass, discussing his years as a slave, escape to freedom, acclaim as a famous orator, journalist, and presidential advisor, work as an abolitionist, and other related topics.

    Social Justice Connection: Civil Rights

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  • From Then to Now: a short history of the world

    by Christopher Moore Year Published: 2011 Grades 6-8; CCSS H/SS 6-8: 1-9, especially 6

    Explains how individual societies have overcome war, famine, drought, disease, oppression, and natural disasters to find their own paths and adapt to the growth of human knowledge.

    Social Justice Connection: How culture affects our world.

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  • Half spoon of rice: a survival story of the Cambodian genocide

    by Icy Smith Year Published: 2010 Grades 6-8; CCSS H/SS 6-8: 6 Reading 6-8 1-6

    Nine-year-old Nat and his family are forced from their home on April 17, 1975, marched for many days, separated from each other, and forced to work in the rice fields, where Nat concentrates on survival. Includes historical notes and photographs documenting the Cambodian genocide.

    Social Justice Connection: Holocaust, Cambodian genocide, Human Rights

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  • Hana’s Suitcase : a true story

    by Karen Levine and Albert Whitman Year Published: 2009 Grades 6-8; CCSS H/SS 6-8: 1-9

    A biography of a Czech girl who died in the Holocaust, told in alternating chapters with an account of how the curator of a Japanese Holocaust center learned about her life after Hana's suitcase was sent to her.

    Social Justice Connection: Holocaust, Human Rights

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  • Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet

    by Sherri Smith Year Published: 2008 General Reading

    Disaster strikes when Ana Shen is about to deliver the salutatorian speech at her junior high school graduation, but an even greater crisis looms when her best friend invites a crowd to Ana's house for dinner, and Ana's multicultural grandparents must find a way to share a kitchen.

    Social Justice Connection: Multicultural family life and personal identity.

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  • More short scenes and monologues for middle school students...

    by Mary Hall Surface Year Published: 2007 Grades 6-8; CCSS reading 6-8: 7

    A collection of short dramatic plays and monologues for middle-school students that address issues of school, friends, and parents.

    Social Justice Connection: Multicultural characters from the voice of youth.

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  • Red Scarf Girl: a Memoir of the Cultural Revolution

    by Ji-li Jiang Year Published: 1997 Grades 6-8; Narrative Nonfiction

    The author tells about the happy life she led in China up until she was twelve-years-old when her family became a target of the Cultural Revolution, and discusses the choice she had to make between denouncing her father and breaking with her family, or refusing to speak against him and losing her future in the Communist Party.


    Social Justice Connection: Human Rights, Cultural Revolution


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  • Seedfolks

    by Paul Fleischman Year Published: 1997 Grades 6-8; Point of View

    One by one, a number of people of varying ages and backgrounds transform a trash-filled inner-city lot into a productive and beautiful garden, and, in doing so, the gardeners are themselves transformed.

    Social Justice Connection: Building Community, Personal Identity

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  • The Breadwinner

    by Deborah Ellis Year Published: 2000 Grades 6-8; CCSS Reading 6-8 1-6

    Because the Taliban rulers of Kabul, Afghanistan, impose strict limitations on women's freedom and behavior, eleven-year-old Parvana must disguise herself as a boy so that her family can survive after her father's arrest.

    Social Justice Connection: Cultural Awareness

    CCSS Teaching Guide


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  • The March on Washington

    by James Haskins Year Published: 2004 Grades 6-8; CCSS H/SS 6-8: 1-9

    Discusses the people and events connected with the 1963 March on Washington, as well as the consequences of this well-known civil rights demonstration.

    Social Justice Connection: In depth look at the civil rights movement with primary resources included.

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