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  • Kelly Giuliani - Class of 2012

    Posted by Julie Abeska at 9/5/2017

    Kelly Giuliani - Class of 2012

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  • Josh Bayer - Class of 2007

    Posted by Julie Abeska at 9/5/2017

    Josh Bayer - Class of 2007

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  • Cydney Seigerman - Class of 2009

    Posted by Julie Abeska at 5/15/2017

    Cydney Seigerman - Class of 2009

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  • Martin Weiss - Class of 2008

    Posted by Julie Abeska at 5/15/2017

    Martin Weiss - Class of 2008

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  • Danny Kornfeld - Class of 2010

    Posted by Julie Abeska at 5/15/2017

    Danny Kornfeld - Class of 2010

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  • Kevin Yang

    Posted by Julie Abeska at 2/16/2017


     kevin 1

    WBHS Alum Spotlight – Kevin Yang Class of ‘11


    Kevin Yang graduated from West Bloomfield High School Summa Cum Laude in 2011.  He went on to study at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering.  While there, he got the opportunity to learn about various computer related technologies, as well as to indulge his curiosity for modern Algebra, number theory and Classical era history and art.  After three years, he was able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics.

    During his years at the University of Michigan, Kevin interned at Cisco Systems and Twitter.  At the conclusion of his studies, Kevin received a full time position as a Software Engineer at Twitter in their San Francisco office.  He has since continued to work at Twitter, designing and implementing backend systems that store data to allow the users to see tweets and videos.  The systems he works on process hundreds of millions of requests every second in order to keep up with the fast paced nature of Twitter. 

    How did West Bloomfield High School help Kevin on his current path?kevin 2

    “During my time at WBHS, I was able to take advantage of the plethora of Honors and AP level classes available to us, as well as to transfer Calculus credits from OCC.  These classes prepared me to receive perfect scores on 14 AP exams and to enroll in college with over 60 credits and a senior standing.”

    “Not only did West Bloomfield High School provide me with an excellent college preparatory education and exposure to a myriad of different career paths, but it also taught me how to love learning.  I cannot thank the WBHS staff enough for providing a learning environment that was nurturing, yet challenging and interesting at the same time.  This love of learning that was instilled in me during my time at WBHS has set me on the path I am on today.  I would like to extend a special thank you to Mrs. Chase, Ms. Law, and Mrs. Matynowski.”

    Kevin’s advice for our current students

    “The single best piece of advice I have for our current students is to use the resources that they have at WBHS to their advantage.  We at WBHS are extremely privileged to have such dedicated and knowledgeable teachers and library staff.”

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  • Simon Yevzelman

    Posted by Julie Abeska at 2/16/2017


    WBHS Alum Spotlight –

    Simon Yevzelman Class of ‘09


    Upon graduating from WBHS in 2009, Simon was accepted into the University of Michigan where he completed his Bachelor’s degree with a major in Microbiology and a minor in Judaic Studies in 2013.   After graduation, he was accepted for a position at Genesis Genetics where he was fortunate to be able to take part in a cutting edge science known as pre-implantation genetic screening/diagnosis.  


    In 2015, Simon chose to pursue a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Aquaculture at the University of Stirling in Scotland.  Aquaculture, or the farming of aquatic plants and animals, is an ancient practice that is rapidly becoming the only option to supply our growing population with healthy and sustainable aquatic animal protein such as fish and Crustacea.   This graduate degree provided him with a strong educational foundation to pursue his passion of finding ways to feed more people, while protecting our fragile environment. 


    Currently, Simon works as a Farm Manager at Hudson Valley Fish Farms in Hudson Valley, New York.  According to Simon, “this large scale recirculating aquaculture system is on the cutting edge of aquaculture.  Businesses like this have the potential to eliminate our dependence on wild or imported seafood, while providing gainful employment for Americans across the country.  I hope one day to own my own business in Michigan, perhaps farming high quality locally raised shrimp for markets and restaurants across the state.”


    How did West Bloomfield High School help Simon on his current path?


    “WBHS always nurtured my curiosity and definitely catalyzed my career in biology.  I clearly remember the excitement the first time I saw a living microbe in Mrs. Bols’ classroom freshman year.  Another moment that stands out in my memory is learning about the military industrial complex in Mr. Corcoran’s class, a moment that I still believe contributes to my attitudes on public affairs in America.  WBHS instilled the belief that my achievements were a consequence of my own commitment and hard work and while many will help me along the way, my success is a product of my own ambition.  I owe much to my teachers who shaped my work ethic and attitude.” 


    Simon’s advice for our current students.


    “The best piece of advice I could give to current students is to dispel the notion that you must have your future path planned, and that deviation from that path is failure.  My career plan has shifted dozens of time since I graduated WBHS and, despite some ‘dead ends,’ I am in a career that I have a true passion for and I enjoy waking up to go to work every day.  Making mistakes is an important part of life, the only real failure is not learning from mistakes.”

    Simon Yevzelman (far right) in Prague with WBHS Alums Scott Kirschner, Steven Cantor and Tyler Berkowitz.

    Simon Yevzelman is another example of the amazing Alums we have from our district!

    Do you know of any West Bloomfield High School Alums you’d like to see in the spotlight? 

    If so, please email alycia.chase@wbsd.org with their contact info and a brief background.


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  • Aryana Sharrak

    Posted by Julie Abeska at 2/16/2017


    WBHS Alum Spotlight – Aryana Sharrak Class of ‘12

     Aryana Ari 1

    Aryana Sharrak graduated from West Bloomfield High School in 2012.  Her family immigrated to this country and Aryana was a first generation high school graduate.  Upon graduating from WBHS, she entered Wayne State University’s Irvin D. Reid Honors College on a Presidential Scholarship.  According to Aryana, “Because of my experiences at WBHS, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to pursue a pre-medicine focus.  I began taking science classes and realized that a Biochemistry major had the rigorous and challenging coursework that I wanted to prepare for medical school.  While at WBHS, I also realized that I enjoyed the French language and culture, and I decided to pursue a French minor at WSU.”


    Studying abroad has been an integral part to Aryana’s undergraduate career at Wayne State University.  During the summer of 2013, she traveled to Paris, France to study art and architecture.   This opportunity allowed her to experience the French culture and language first hand and created a foundation for completing her French Minor.  During the summer of 2015, she traveled again, this time to Kabale, Uganda as a part of GlobeMed where she worked with the Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO).  Her research there involved analyzing limitations to evaluating a community health intervention.  As part of her work, she provided 33 families with interventions of vertical gardens, deworming pills, and multivitamins.  She returned to Uganda during the summer of 2016 to continue her research and to interview women to understand more about their lifestyles and factors that contributed to the high malnutrition rates in the region.  During her spring break in 2016, she participated in the Atlantis Project to shadow physicians at the Hospital Virgen de la Salud in Toledo, Spain.  There, she learned about healthcare in another developed nation and how universal healthcare works in the hospital setting.


    In addition to studying abroad, Aryana has learned an immense amount from her time spent working in her local community in Detroit.  Throughout her undergraduate years, she has tutored underserved high school teens and second grade children.  She has also volunteered at Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield and Detroit and has determined that she wants to be a physician who serves low-income patients in urban settings.  As a part of the WSU Irvin D. Reid Honors College, she also learned about and served her Detroit community through various course and service requirements.


    In May 2017, Aryana will be the first person in her family to graduate from college.  She will attend Oakland University’s William Beaumont School of Medicine in August 2017 on a full tuition scholarship.  She plans to become a surgeon and to later pursue a career in public health policy in order to serve the local and global community. 


    How did West Bloomfield High School help Aryana on her current path?


    “As a Chaldean-American woman, and a first generation high school graduate, the path to graduating college and pursuing medical school has not been an easy one.  My family has always supported me emotionally and financially, but they did not have the resources to support me educationally.  This is where WBHS came in and changed my entire life.  I used my school resources to learn subjects such as science and math, and I excelled so much throughout the years that I had 27 college credits upon high school graduation.  WBHS had so many options for AP classes, and I feel so lucky that I was able to take them and be successful.  While I was oriented towards the sciences and liberal arts in college, I never felt misplaced because WBHS allowed me to gain experiences in so many fields.  I played a sport, participated in drama, studied government, traveled to Washington D.C., and took classes across a broad spectrum.  WBHS allowed me to experience so many things that when I finally entered college, I knew exactly where I wanted to be and what I wanted to study. ‘


    “An amazing opportunity that I was given at WBHS was to be a part of the Medical Mentorship Program.   It was in this program, where I shadowed a vascular surgeon and transplant surgeon, that I realized I wanted to pursue medical school and become a surgeon.  I even talked about this experience in most of my medical school interviews.”


    “In addition to the opportunities afforded to me at WBHS, it was ultimately the teachers who helped me believe in myself.  From the teachers of drama, to science, to history, each and every one of them left a lasting impression on me and contributed in some way to my successes and the person I am today.”


    Aryana’s advice for our current students. 


    1. Ari 2 BE INNOVATIVE! Don’t just follow the crowd or what your superiors are doing. Design your own pathway and do what you want to do.  Join student organizations you like, even if no one you know is in them.  Propose a completely original research project to your mentor.  Go above and beyond at your volunteer job to lighten the load off someone else.  Whatever it may be, stand out, be accountable for everything you do, and make this your own original journey.




    1. Serve and learn from the global community. Learn another language and study abroad in any subject you want. Don’t let the costs of a trip stop you.  I’ve received over five grants and scholarships to study abroad and do my research.  Reach out to counselors if you need help finding resources.


    Zip lining across the river in Toledo, Spain.                             

     Ari 3


    In beautiful Kabale, Uganda.

    Ari 3

    Aryana Sharrak is another example of the amazing Alums we have from our district!

    Do you know of any West Bloomfield High School Alums you’d like to see in the spotlight? 

    If so, please email alycia.chase@wbsd.org with their contact info and a brief background.




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  • Nelson Page

    Posted by Eric Pace at 9/7/2016

    Nelson Page

    WBHS Alum Spotlight–Nelson Page ‘10, MBA, PMP


    Nelson Page is currently a Project Engineer, designing automated conveyor systems for the logistics industry, while also working part time as an Army Engineer Officer.


    After graduating from WBHS, Nelson received a full-ride scholarship from the Army ROTC program at the school of his choice.  He chose the Virginia Military Institute, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering.  The Army kept his summers busy, sending him to Airborne School, Air Assault School and Mountain Warfare School.


    Upon graduating from the Virginia Military Institute, Nelson was commissioned as an Officer and was selected to specialize as an Engineer.  He soon met his first unit in Afghanistan where he worked as a Civil Engineer constructing bases for the growing Afghan Military.  Throughout the nearly five years of progressing up the Army ranks, working as a Civil Engineer and Project Manager, Nelson continued to stretch his mind by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at night.  


    During Nelson’s second deployment to Afghanistan he served as an Executive Officer (XO).  His unit was tasked with closing numerous military bases across the country in preparation for the NATO withdrawal from the country.  According to Nelson, “as a result of this unique mission, my unit regularly found themselves tearing down the perimeter wall – resulting in significant security concerns during the latter half of each project.”  Together, he and a co-worker wrote a thesis for the U.S. Command highlighting the mathematical impossibility of a timely withdrawal out of Afghanistan based on the quantity of NATO troops and the President’s stated objectives.  Nelson would later receive a Bronze Star for his actions and efforts during this deployment.


    In 2015, Nelson chose to leave the military, seeking additional challenges, and found a position in a growing conveyor company, Intelligrated, specializing in a blend of robotics’ hardware and software.  As a Mechanical Project Engineer, he is in charge of all aspects of machine placement and ensuring design and quality while maintaining costs and schedules. 


    Nelson also continues with part-time service as a member of the Army Reserves.  He is the Company Commander of 116 Combat Engineers, specializing in the construction of minefields, the use of explosives and the de-arming of roadside bombs (IEDs).


    How did WBHS help Nelson on his current path?


    As stated by Nelson, “WBHS opened my eyes to the importance of the people around me.  Transitioning from a small private high school to WBHS allowed me to really see the strength of working in and around a large and ethnically diverse peer group, allowing me to see the world through other people’s eyes.  When I traveled to Afghanistan many of the decisions I made impacted not only my 40 soldiers, but also the local Afghanis I was working with.”


    Nelson’s advice to current WBHS students:


    “Take advantage of all of the extracurricular activities around you, try something new and if you do not like it, move on to the next thing that sounds fun.  Life is full of opportunities and none of us really know what we will love until we try it – just make sure to take those learned lessons with you.”


    In addition he reminds students that “school is important, it serves as the core foundation for our society’s education, but also teaches you about how to thrive in the rest of the world.  WBHS is a petri dish nurturing relationships and great ideas for you to take with you into the real world.  Groom those relationships and share those ideas with the world.”


    He final words of wisdom, “As you gain more life experiences you will focus your strengths and your passions, overlapping them with where you can make a decent wage.  This intersection is your career, and once you get it fine-tuned you will be a happy, fulfilled individual.  Always seek these traits out – live your life, do not get stuck living in someone else’s career or someone else’s dream.”


    Nelson Page is another example of the great Alums we have from our district!

    Do you know of any West Bloomfield High School Alums you’d like to see in the spotlight?  Email alycia.chase@wbsd.org with their contact info and a brief background

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  • Jordan Field

    Posted by Eric Pace at 8/2/2016 2:00:00 PM

    Jordan Field


    WBHS Alum Spotlight – Jordan Field Class of 1995


    Jordan Field, a 1995 graduate of West Bloomfield High School, enters his 15th season with the Detroit Tigers, having joined the Club in September 2002.  


    In his role with the Tigers, Jordan directs all activities of the Detroit Tigers Foundation, an affiliate of Ilitch Charities, which has donated nearly $19 million in grants, college scholarships, Tigers game tickets and Comerica Park luxury suites since its establishment in 2005.  Jordan is the first and only Director of the Detroit Tigers Foundation, having played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Foundation, including the preparation of the Foundation’s business and strategic plan, budget and mission statement.  Jordan also directs the Club’s Player Relations activities, working closely with Tigers players and their representatives on community and corporate appearances, charitable giving and special events.


    Jordan served as a member of the 2005 Major League Baseball All Star Game Planning and Host Committee and the 2004 Major League Baseball Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (R.B.I.) World Series Planning and Host Committee.


    In addition to his work with the Tigers, Jordan is an Adjunct Faculty member at Wayne State University in the School of Education teaching courses on Working in Professional Sports in the Department of Kinesiology, Health & Sport Studies.


    Jordan currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame and Detroit PAL, the Advisory Committee for the Ordoñez Family Scholarship and the University of Michigan Bernard “Pat” Malory Scholarship.  Jordan is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, Graduate of Leadership Detroit 31 and was named a member of DBusiness Magazine’s “30 in their Thirties” class in 2012 and Crain’s Detroit Business “40 Under 40” class of 2014.


    Jordan earned his Juris Doctor degree from Wayne State Law School in 2002 where he founded the Sports and Entertainment Law Society, a student organization, and earned his undergraduate degree in Communications from the University of Michigan in 1999, where he was a staff sports writer for The Michigan Daily.


    Jordan and his wife Marjie (Friedman) met at WBHS and graduated together in 1995.  During their time at WBHS they both wrote for the Spectrum, Jordan serving as the Sports Editor and Marjie as the Co-Editor in Chief their Senior Year.  Jordan played varsity Tennis during his Junior Year and joined the Vaudeville cast his Senior Year.

    How did WBHS help Jordan on his current path?  


    Jordan believes that his strong writing and editing skills are rooted in his time working at the WBHS Spectrum.  Further, the experience he had writing for the Spectrum led him to write for The Michigan Daily while in college at the University of Michigan.  It was during that time at the Daily that Jordan realized the many career options in Sports beyond Journalism.  The ability to write continued to be a valuable skill as Jordan completed law school and began to work for the Tigers. “While writing for the Spectrum, Mrs. Maza taught us to write in a way that ‘showed the story, rather than told the story.’  Throughout my academic and professional career I have always remembered that lesson and tried to apply that approach in every letter, proposal and presentation.”


    Jordan’s advice to current WB students:  


    “I am so lucky that I was able to turn a hobby into a career.  My best advice is to find something that you are passionate about and learn as much as possible about that industry and the people who work in it.  Also, three general pieces of advice that I always give my sons:  1) make good decisions, 2) be kind to others, 3) why fit in, when you can stand out?”




    Jordan Field is another example of the amazing Alums from our district!

    We are proud of him and the wonderful organizations that he is involved in!

    Do you know of any West Bloomfield High School Alums you’d like to see in the spotlight?  Email alycia.chase@wbsd.org with their contact info and a brief background

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