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    The West Bloomfield Transition Center (WBTC)

    The WBTC is entering its 8th year.  It came out of the need for a district program to service our own 18-26 year old students who have an IEP and continuing to need support.  Prior to that we would only have the option of sending our students outside the district to support them.  The program continues to grow.  We currently services 30 students with staff including 2 teachers, 8 para-professionals, transition coordinator, and available ancillary staff of school psychologist, school social worker, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist and physical therapist, based on student needs as indicated in students' IEPs.


    Developing Responsible, Employable, Adult Members of Society.


    Mission Statement

    The Mission of the West Bloomfield Transition Center is to guide and enable young adults to gain skills necessary to make responsible decisions that allow them to lead independent, productive adult lives. The Transition Center will provide effective and innovative programs, services, and resources to meet the diverse needs of the student.


    Entrance Criteria and Age

    The West Bloomfield Transition Center provides school-based and community-based instruction that helps special education students, ages 18-26 years, transition to life. Students must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) written each year, which states the post secondary program is needed. Students must have received a Certificate of Completion from his/ her high school.