• Social Studies

    The focus of district, state and national standards in social studies is to create responsible citizens. This is achieved by studying the human condition, how it has changed over time, the variations that occur in different physical environments and cultural settings, and the emerging trends that appear likely to shape the future in an interdependent world.

    Our Michigan social studies grade level content expectations are organized around five disciplines:

    • History
    • Geography
    • Civics and Government
    • Economics
    • Public Discourse, Decision Making, and Citizen Involvement

    Students explore the five disciplines of social studies within a grade-specific context. Students engage in inquiry-based activities as they analyze and interpret information to develop their understanding.

    K-5 Grade-Specific Contexts

    Kindergarten: Myself and Others

    1st Grade: Families and Schools

    2nd Grade: The Local Community

    3rd Grade: Michigan Studies

    4th Grade: United States Studies

    5th Grade: Integrated United States History Eras 1-3

    Middle School Grade-Specific Contexts

    6th Grade: World Geography: Eastern and Western Hemispheres

    7th Grade: World History Eras 1-3

    8th Grade: Integrated United States History Eras 3-5

    High School Grade-Specific Contexts

    9th Grade: Civics (one semester)

    Economics (one semester)

    10th Grade: United States History and Geography Eras 6-9

    11th Grade: World History and Geography Eras 4-8