• Technology Integration Vision

    We will create a culture that leverages technology, both in and outside of school, to optimize learning and develop students and staff who are prepared, connected, and global.

    As we move forward our goal is to enhance instructional opportunities, while transforming the learning environment so students can:

    • Become globally aware and connected
    • Leverage a vast network of learning opportunities
    • Make a contribution by collaborating on global projects that have a positive impact on society
    • Gain access to information and resources to personalize learning
    • Increase ownership and engagement in their learning
    • Have opportunities to grapple with advanced and authentic learning situations by interacting virtually with experts in the field, engaging in global simulations, and have 24/7 learning opportunities.

    Technology Integration Mission

    "Educate, Engage, Empower"

    We will implement and support relevant technology systems that are sustainable, dynamic and provide learning environments characterized by:

    • Personalized learning for all stakeholders
    • Global connections and interconnectedness
    • Learning 24/7 and beyond the school walls
    • Innovation and entrepreneurism
    • Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication