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    Oakland Schools 



    The Oakland Schools Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) represents each local education agency or public school academy (LEA/PSA) within Oakland County. Parent representatives have a child/children with a disability(ies) and are appointed by the LEA's/PSA's and Oakland County School Boards. The committee participates in the development and review of the Oakland Schools County Plan for Delivery of Special Education Programs and Services. The PAC also provides advisory input on matters regarding improvement of Special Education services within the intermediate school district (ISD). 

    The West Bloomfield School District has two parents who are representatives for our district.  Their names and contact information are:


                           Lori Baskin                         Julie and John Musiol

                                            (7/1/2013-6-30-2016 Term)                            (7-1-2012 to 6-30-2015 Term)

                                            Home: 248-363-3433                                      Home: 248-630-1195  Cell: 248-674-1952

                                            Email Lori                                                         Email Julie and John




    Mission Statement: 

    To ensure a full continuum of services and options to all

    special education students that maintains excellence and equity

    and that is ever respectful in providing for the unique needs of each child.


    What We Do

    We hold monthly meetings during the school year. As PAC members we:

    • Attend and participate at scheduled meetings. Share information and ideas with our members and others.
    • Cooperate in the development and review of the Oakland County Special Education Plan.
    • Provide families opportunities to be informed of special education processes.
    • Mentor new PAC members.
    • Encourage effective partnerships between families and schools.
    • Disseminate information about our group and current issues in special education



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