• Welcome to West Bloomfield High School
    Below, you will find a few forms and information necessary to register in our district.  
    You must be a resident of the school district to enroll, unless you are an Oakland County resident and successfully apply through Schools of Choice.  Please check back on January 1, 2017 for School of Choice options, deadlines, and requirements for the 2017-2018 school year.  All Schools of Choice options are determined by the Board of Education on an annual basis.
    If you have any questions, please contact Diane.Stumpf@wbsd.org for information.  You may verify that your address is district clicking on the district Prospective Families link  - click here.  


    High School Registration Packet - Please read this package carefully, complete the necessary forms, and bring your information to the WBHS Registration Office to enroll your child.  Registration is open from 7:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.  Other times are available upon request via e-mail.  Please e-mail Diane.Stumpf@wbsd.org if you have any questions or for additional times and dates.   Please remember to bring all documentation, including unofficial transcript, grades to date, and discipline history with you at the time of enrollment.   West Bloomfield High School reserves the right to deny credit for first semester to students enrolling after December 1 and for second semester to students enrolling after May 1.  

    Immunization Rule Change - starting January 1, 2015 - Since 1978, Michigan law has required children to be up-to-date with required immunizations ON or BEFORE the first day of school.  You must bring complete immunization records with you to enroll.   A child who fails to meet this requirement will NOT be admitted to school.  Waivers must now be obtained from the Oakland County Health Division.  
    Health Care Alert Form - If your child has a health concern, in addition to sharing the information on the emergency card, please complete the Health Care Alert form.  This information will be shared with the adults who work with your child.  If your child does not have a health concern, there is no need to return the Health Care Alert form.

    Career Pathways - Not sure what to expect in and from high school?  Is your child still looking for a career?  Click on this helpful guide to assist you with some ideas which may lead to new discussions between you, your child and your  high school counselor.
    Medication form -  It is the policy of the West Bloomfield School District, in compliance with Michigan Compiled Laws Section 380.1178, to have written authorization for a student to take prescribed or over the counter medication during the school day.  This is the permission form which must be signed by your physician and submitted to the counseling office, each year, for school records.  This information will be handled in a confidential manner.  Authorization is good for one school year only.   
    Communications Opt-Out Form - please submit this form to the registration office if you desire your child to not be photographed or included in any media publication. 
    Hybrid Class Do Not Participate Form - please submit this form to the counseling office if you desire your child not to be enrolled in a hybrid class.
    Oakland Schools Technical Campus- a description of the OSTC program for those junior and senior students interested in a certified technical education.  Please note that WBHS does not offer all the courses available through OSTC.  Please consult your counselor regarding the program you are interested in for availability through WBHS.
    Student form to Opt-Out of Military  - please submit this form to the registration office if you desire your child's information held from military services.
    Testing Out - WBHS generally conducts testing out in June of each year.  For questions, please e-mail karen.birr@wbsd.org 
    Book Room -  Notes for end of year and summer school.   
    Parking Pass Application - Juniors and seniors, who have sufficient credits to qualify as a junior or senior, may apply for a parking pass during JumpStart.  Passes are good for the entire school year.  
    The Michigan child Protection Registry was created to protect your student from receiving adult-oriented messages and advertisements while online or on their cell phone.  Click here to learn more about how you can add your family to this free do-not-contact list.