• Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID)

    The West Bloomfield High School is pleased to offer a pathway to the Advanced Placement International Diploma.

    The Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID) is a globally recognized certificate for students with an international outlook. The APID challenges a student to display exceptional achievement on AP Exams across several disciplines.

    Universities worldwide utilize the APID in admissions. Students may search AP International Recognition for universities outside the U.S. that acknowledge AP achievement.

    The APID is available to students attending secondary schools outside the United States and to U.S. resident students applying to universities outside the country. The APID is not a substitute for a high school diploma, but rather provides additional certification of outstanding academic excellence.

    To earn an APID, a student attending school within the United States must indicate on at least one AP Exam answer sheet that the results should be sent to a university outside the United States.


    To earn an APID, students must earn grades of three or higher on at least five AP Exams in the following content areas:

    • Two AP Exams from two different languages selected from English and/or world languages
    • One AP Exam designated as offering a global perspective: World History, Human Geography, and Government and Politics: Comparative
    • One exam from the sciences or mathematics content areas
    • One (or two) additional exam(s) from among any content areas except English and world languages (these include the content areas already described as well as history, social sciences, arts)

    Students interested in the APID should consult with their high school counselor.

    For a brochure with more information about APID, click here.