• Transportation Overview

    Durham School Services, West Bloomfield
    3340 Orchard Lake Road
    West Bloomfield, Michigan 48324
    Phone: (248) 865-3680
    Fax: (248) 865-3681

    Lynne Robertson, General Manager

    Transportation is provided for all West Bloomfield Schools resident students living more than 1 mile from their school of attendance. Safe, efficient and friendly service is our goal and we will strive every day to accomplish this.

    We will do our best to arrive at your child’s bus stop on time. There may be delays due to road conditions or heavy traffic. Please contact our office is your child’s bus is delayed by more than 10 minutes. All buses are equipped with 2-way radios and we are able to contact your child’s driver, as needed.

    Students should arrive at their bus stop 10 minutes prior to pick up time to allow for weather and traffic variances. Remind your child to wait at a safe location away from traffic and vehicles. We encourage all parents to review the Transportation Handbook with your children. See below to access The Transportation Handbook.

    Shuttle service will be available in certain areas. If you reside in a walk area, live outside the district or live outside the attendance area of your school and would like to ride a shuttle, please complete the form below. It must be signed by your building principal and will be forwarded to the Transportation Department. You will be contacted when a seat is available on a shuttle.

    West Bloomfield needs bus drivers! Drive the schools your children attend!   

    Training provided - No experience necessary - Part-time position. 
    Starting wage is $16.00 per hour.  Call transportation at 248-865-3680 if interested. 

    Bus Safety: When to STOP, when to Proceed with Caution!

    Civic Center TV’s Brooke Allen visited Durham School Services to speak with Lynne Robertson, General Manager, and Greg Campbell, Safety and Training Supervisor of Durham School Services about bus safety. Durham School Services transports the thousands of West Bloomfield School District students each day. Lynne and Greg help us to understand the reasons students, parents, and other motorists need to be cautious on or near school buses.

    Civic Center TV - Bus Safety Video


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