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    Grades: 6-8
    Enrollment: 655
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  • paint We will need parent volunteers to help supervise the 8th graders while they are painting. We do need help with this tradition. Please look to see if you can help. 

    Please click on the link: AMS Signup for Wall of Respect Thank you!

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  • Cedar Point is Friday, May 25th.

    8th grade dance is June 1st.

    Finals for 8th graders should take place sometime the week of June 4th. (depending on the teacher) 

    Fun Day is Friday, June 8th -  8th grade hours 5 and 6.

    The graduation practice is Monday, June 11th all of 5th and part of 6th hour (final locker cleanout for 8th grade directly following practice.)

    8th graders will have their Promotion Ceremony on Tuesday, June 12th in the morning. 8th grade students are checked out by parents after the ceremony and this is their last day of school for the year.

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    • Tardy Policy:
      Students may not exceed 2 tardies total per semester in 2nd through 6th hours. More than two tardies will lead to the consequences outlined below:
       Tardy 3: 1 lunch detention
       Tardy 6: No Fun Day or Cedar Point participation
       Tardy 9: no pass list, email parent notification
       Tardy 15: In school suspension day, parent notification

    • Students may not exceed 5 tardies total per semester to 1st hour. More than 5 tardies to school will lead to the following consequences outlined below:
       Tardy 6: 1 lunch detention
       Tardy 9: 1 after school detention, parent notified
       Tardy 12: No fun Day or Cedar Point participation

    • Tardies during the day (hours 2-6) are NOT combined with 1st hour (arriving to school late) tardies.

    More information on our tardy policy please click the link: 2018 Tardy Policy

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Abbott Eagles Blog

  • Staff Appreciation sign-up

    Posted by Antoinette Morton on 4/23/2018

    Parents, Staff appreciation week is coming up. Here is the sign up:

    Hello Parents, It's that time of year again! It's time to give a little back to thank our teachers and all the other staff at Abbott Middle School for everything they do for our children every day! We have a couple of meals planned. Please help us honor our educators by signing up below. Please...
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  • Student Pickup

    Posted by Antoinette Morton on 1/5/2018

    After school--all students must be picked up by 3:15 unless the student is in a registered sport/activity or Tween Time. 

    Students who are not picked up from school by 3:15 will be transferred to Tween Time. Parents will be able to pick up students after 3:15 in Tween Time (located in a C-hall classroom) and will be responsible for drop in fees. If you need afterschool care, please check out Information on Pricing: WB CommEd after school pricing.  

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  • Abbott PTO Meetings

    Posted by Antoinette Morton on 9/26/2017

    PTO Meeitng Please join us for our last PTO meeting on Tuesday  5/15.  Every meeting will be at 7am at Abbott.

    Hope to see everyone soon.
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Abbott's Mission

  • Abbott Middle School’s mission is to engage all students in a variety of rigorous experiences in order to close the achievement gap, prepare all students for college and career readiness, and cultivate multi-dimensional individuals who will be successful in a global society.

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